Annual Report [of the Superintendent]

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Page 118 - Gen. Hancock," " Gov. Russell," "Noddle Island," and "General Sumner." Paving Division. Buildings and wharf on Albany street, opposite Sharon street. The building is of brick and wood, and covers some 8,000 square feet of land, and is divided into a shed for storage, blacksmith's and carpenter's shops, tool-room and stable. The total contents of the lot, including wharf and buildings, are 63,180 square feet.
Page 128 - SECT. 17. No person shall place or keep, in or near any building, ashes or cinders in such a manner as to be liable, to cause fire, nor mix them with other substances, nor place or keep them except in metallic vessels, so placed as to be easily removed.
Page 128 - All receptacles for ashes, waste and other substances, liable, by spontaneous combustion, or otherwise, to cause a fire shall be made of incombustible material satisfactory to the inspector. Every building used as a tenement or lodging house shall have outside and appurtenant to it a suitable space satisfactory to the inspector for the temporary deposit of garbage and other refuse matter.
Page 118 - Lot, on Morton street, Ward 23, containing about one-third of an acre, purchased by the town of West Roxbury in 1870, used for storage purposes.
Page 186 - ... opinion that the statute is unconstitutional. It is also contended by the petitioners that the statute gives owners of property no opportunity of being heard upon their •liability to assessment. It, is well established that the determination of the amount of taxes for special benefits to real estate by any tribunal to which the legislature delegates the power is a quasi judicial proceeding which cannot take final effect unless persons to be assessed have an opportunity to be heard. New London...
Page 158 - Atlantic avenue, containing about 35.460 square feet; leased March, 1898, for a period of ten (10) years. This wharf adjoins Fort Hill wharf, and is occupied in part by the New England Sanitary Product Company as a berth for their scows, and also by the buildings of the City Refuse Utilization Company for the disposal of waste and rubbish. NEW ENGLAND SANITARY PRODUCT COMPANY PLANT. (LEASED.) — Situated on Spectacle Island; five acres on the northwestern slope of the southern head of said island...
Page 128 - ... shall be occupied in any part as a dwelling, tenement or lodging house, except that rooms for coachmen or grooms may be allowed in private stables authorized by this act, upon special ;permit from the inspector.
Page 40 - Table Showing the Widths of Openings for Vessels in all Bridges Provided with Draws in the City of Boston in January, 1914.
Page 128 - No person shall keep in his house, or on his land, any house-ofial, unless the same is placed in a suitable vessel, free from ashes and other refuse matter, and so placed as to be easily removed.
Page xxvi - Certain corporations required to pay employees wages at least every two weeks. — In 1899 an act was passed by the legislature entitled "An act to provide for the payment of wages in lawful money of the United States every two weeks

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