Annual Review of Heat Transfer, Volume 8

Front Cover
Chang-Lin Tien
Begell House, Jan 1, 1997 - 318 pages
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Heat Transfer Essentials is a focused and concise one semester textbook with synchronized PowerPoint lectures, solutions and tutoring material designed for online posting. Its distinguishing features are:
- Essential Topics. Critical elements ofheat transfer arejudicially selected and organized for coverage in a one semester introductory course. Topics include conduction, convection and radiation.
- PowerPoint Lectures. PowerPoint presentations are synchronized with the textbook. This eliminates the need for lecture preparation and blackboard use by the instructor and note taking by students.
- Interactive Classroom Environment. Eliminating blackboard use and note taking liberates both instructor and students. More time can be devoted to engaging students to encourage thinking and understanding through discussion and dialog.
- Problem Solving Methodology. Students are drilled in a systematic and logical procedure for solving engineering problems. The book emphasizes though process, modeling, approximation, checking and evaluation of results. Students can apply this methodology in other courses as well as throughout their careers.
- Special Problems. Mini-projects involving open ended design considerations and others requiring computer solutions are included.
- Home Experiments. A unique set of simple heat transfer experiments designed to be cawied out at home are described. Comparing experimental results with theoretical predictions serves as an effective learning tool..
- Online Solutions Manual. Solutions to problems are intended to serve as an important learning instrument. They follow the problem solving methodology format and are designed for onlineposting.
- Online Tutor. A summary of each chapter is prepared for posting. Key points and critical conditions are highlighted and emphasized.
- Online Homework Facilitator. To assist students in solving homework problems, helpful hints and relevant observations are compiled for each problem. They can be selectively posted by the instructor.
- Outstanding Title. The first edition was selected by Choice: Current Reviewsfor Academic Libraries among its outstanding titles in 2000.

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