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Page 56 - the United States In relation to the admission of Michigan Into the Union.—Documents in relation to the "bill to admit the state of Michigan into the Union upon an equal footing with the original states."—Proceedings of Congress In 1796, on the admission of Tennessee, as a state. Into the Union upon a footing with the original states.
Page 60 - —Solicitor of the Deft, of labor. Opinions of the solicitor for the Department of labor dealing with workmen's compensation under the act of Congress granting to certain employees of the United States the right to receive from it compensation for injuries sustained in the course of their employment, approved May 30, 1908, with the amendments thereto from August, 1908 to April, 1915. 1915 R3318.Un3'15
Page 8 - Bible. New Testament. Text. The sacred writings of the apostles and evangelists of Jesus Christ, tr. from the original Greek, by Doctors George Campbell, James Macknight and Philip Doddridge, with prefaces by Alexander Campbell 4th ed. 1835. 225.25 Bickersteth, E: H: The spirit of life; or, Scripture testimony to the divine person and work of the Holy Ghost. 1870 231.41
Page 57 - for the propagating of the gospel In America and the West Indies, [by W. Castell]. 2. A description of New England, by John Smith.—New England trials, by John Smith.— The planters plea.—Letter to the Countess of Lincoln, March, 1631, by T. Dudley.—New
Page 51 - Columbus, Christopher. A letter of Columbus on the discovery of America: a facsimile of the pictorial edition, with a new and literal translation, and a complete reprint of the oldest four editions in Latin. 1892 970.76
Page 48 - American's guide; comprising the declaration of independence, the articles of confederation,the constitution of the United States, and the constitutions of the several states composing the union. 1833 R 3427.Am3
Page 54 - Catalogue of the public documents of Congress and of other departments of the government of the United States, v. 1-10. 1893-1911. 10 v. ..DR Virginia company of London. Records of the Virginia company of London [1619-1624] : the Court book from the manuscript, ed. by Susan Myra Kingsbury. 1906. 2 vR 97505.V81
Page 42 - Chaucer, Geoffrey. The Canterbury tales: a modern rendering into prose of the Prologue and ten tales, by PW Mackaye. 1904 82117.M19 —Canterbury tales, with notes of Thomas Tyrwhitt. 1850 82117.C391 —Complete works, ed. from numerous manuscripts by W. W: Skeat. 2d ed. 1894-1900. 7 v *82117.C39 —Poetical works, with an essay on
Page 64 - Henry Phipps institute, Philadelphia. Annual report of the Henry Phipps institute for the study, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, v. 1-6. 1903-10.
Page 25 - American spawn company, St. Paul. Mushroom culture and pure culture spawn. 7th ed. c. 1912 589.13 Apgar, AC Birds of the United States east of the Rocky mountains: a manual for the identification of species in hand or in the bush. [c. 1898.] .... 598.106

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