Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students, Issues 66-71

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A. Strong, 1921
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Page 7 - It remains only to state that the Rochester Theological Seminary is maintained and controlled by the New York Baptist Union for Ministerial Education, a society composed of contributing members of Baptist churches, and that the actual government and care of the Seminary in its details is committed to a Board of Trustees of thirty-three members, eleven of whom are elected by the Union annually. The present President of the Board of Trustees is Mr.
Page 16 - ... teaching work of the Seminary. In addition to these buildings, the German Students' Home purchased in 1874 at a cost of $20,000, and rebuilt in 1890 at a cost of $37,000, furnishes for the German Department a Dormitory and Boarding Hall, together with Chapel, Lecture rooms, Reading room, and Gymnasium. The Library of the Seminary is one of great value for theological investigation. It embraces the whole collection of Neander, the great German church historian, which was presented to the Seminary...
Page 79 - With very few exceptions all of these missionary centers are manned by pastors trained in Rochester Seminary. COURSE OF INSTRUCTION With the success of these German speaking missionary churches, the demand for a larger number of pastors and missionaries increased. A corresponding broadening out of the course of instruction and the appointment of additional teachers of necessity followed. But the missionary purpose set for the department at the time of its establishment was never departed from. The...
Page 81 - ... of the German Department. This effort, although spread over many years, was at last successful. A considerable portion of this amount was contributed by the German-speaking churches. A few years ago, a legacy, in the amount of $12,000, from the estate of Mrs. Ann Appleton was paid into the treasury of the Seminary, the interest of which is to be used for the support of German students. All of these endowment funds are held in trust by the Baptist Education Society of the State of New York. Since...
Page 17 - The governor shall be ex officio president of the board of trustees and chairman of the executive committee of the university.
Page 5 - Introductory The New York Baptist Union for Ministerial Education was organized May 11, 1850. The Union immediately proceeded to found the Rochester Theological Seminary. In November, 1850, classes were organized and instruction was begun in temporary quarters secured for the purpose. The first class graduated numbered six members, and the first published catalogue, that of 1851-52, enrolls the names of two professors and of twenty-nine students.* At the first meeting of the Board of Trustees of...
Page 78 - In 1852 several others followed, but only one of these succeeded in completing the entire course, graduating from the University of Rochester and the English Department of the Seminary. Inability to make sufficient practical use of the English language cut the course of the others short. For this reason also the increase in the number of German students was very slight, until the trustees of the New York Baptist Union, in 1858, appointed a native German teacher and thereby formally established what...
Page 17 - ... parallel ranges of steel shelves, both on the main floor and above. The CYRUS F. PAINE READING ROOM, built in 1906-07, was named in honor of one who for more than forty-five years was Treasurer of the Seminary, and later, President of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the the Board, which offices he continues to fill.
Page 26 - In the courses required for graduation the candidate must have maintained an average standing of not less than seventy-five per cent. Every candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Divinity must satisfy the Faculty that he has access to the resources of scholarship and is familiar with its methods, by furnishing proof that he has done satisfactory work either in the Hebrew language, or in New Testament Greek, or in a modern language other than his native tongue, or by demonstrating his acquaintance...
Page 21 - Students entering the Seminary are expected to be present at the opening of the year, or, coming afterwards, to be prepared for examination on the studies in which their classes have been engaged.

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