Annual Report of the Nebraska State Horticultural Society for the Year ...: Containing the Proceedings of the Annual and Semiannual Meetings Held During the Year

Front Cover
State Journal Company, printers, 1900 - Horticulture
Vols. for contain the "proceedings of the [annual] meeting."

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Page 112 - Having taken a strong hold on the fruit the female makes a minute cut with the jaws, which are at the end of her snout, just through the skin of the fruit, and then runs the snout under the skin to the depth of one-sixteenth of an inch, and moves it back and forth until the cavity is large enough to receive the egg it is to retain. She next changes her position, and drops an egg into the mouth of the cut...
Page 112 - ... cuts the crescent in front of the hole so as to undermine the egg and leave it in a sort of flap ; her object apparently being to deaden this flap so as to prevent the growing fruit from crushing the egg, though Dr. Hull informs me that he has repeatedly removed the insect as soon as the egg was deposited and before the flap was made, and the egg hatched and the young penetrated the fruit in every instance.
Page 114 - ... soon works her snout into the young fruit until it is buried a trifle above the bases of the antennae, the latter being held close against and directed upward along the rostrum upon the head while the hole is being made. She now draws out her beak and deliberately turns about, and after a few preliminary thrusts of the ovipositor inserts the latter into the hole just made with the beak and deposits a single egg that is of the same diameter as the puncture. The egg is of a dirty whitish, somewhat...
Page 292 - These officers shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting of the Association, and shall serve one year, or until their successors are elected.
Page 294 - The annual meeting shall be held at the same time and place as the annual meeting of the American Baptist Convention.
Page 292 - Amendments This Constitution may be amended at any annual meeting of the Society by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting. Amendments may be proposed by the Executive Council.
Page 292 - ARTICLE V. — Duties of President. — It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings of the society, appoint all committees not otherwise provided for, countersign all orders drawn on the treasurer by the secretary; in conjunction with the secretary...
Page 263 - Cooper, and upon motion the rules were suspended and the Secretary instructed to cast the vote of the Association for the candidates.
Page 292 - ARTICLE IV. — Officers. The officers of this Society shall be a President...
Page 86 - There is perhaps, no insect capable of causing greater damage to fruit interests in the United States, or perhaps the world, than the San Jose, or pernicious scale.

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