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Page 215 - Stat. f 434, pt. 1) 1,700,000.00 This act provides that the right shall be reserved to said railroad company, its successors and assigns, to retain, occupy, and use the subsurface of said lot for its railroad and station purposes, and also the right to the necessary reservations for purposes of light and air. (33 Stat., 434, pt. 1.) Said act further provides that the appropriation made therein shall not become available until the Postmaster-General shall have certified to the Secretary of the Treasury...
Page 50 - Mines ; and such designs and estimates shall be approved by a boa,rd consisting of the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of the Treasury...
Page 30 - Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to acquire, by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise, a site, and cause to be erected thereon a suitable building, including fire-proof vaults, heating and ventilating apparatus, elevators, and approaches, for the use and accommodation of the United States...
Page 185 - ... in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, now owned by the United States, which building, including fireproof vaults, heating and ventilating apparatus, elevators and approaches, complete, to cost not exceeding two million five hundred thousand dollars, and to be designed and constructed of sufficient area and capacity to occupy all of said square as a building site, and to afford, when completed, office accommodations for the entire organization at Washington of the office of the Geological...
Page 216 - Senate, the chairman and the ranking minority member of the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds of the House of Representatives, and the Architect of the Capitol.
Page 141 - ... including expenses incident to the temporary removal of the force employed in the customhouse during the enlargement, remodeling, o The act of March 4, 1909, provides, among other things: moval of the force employed in the customhouse during the enlargement, remodeling, or extension.

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