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Page 21 - FEMALE EDUCATION AT THE WEST. ' To prevent the necessity of patronizing papal Seminaries at the West, if Protestant parents would give their daughters an accomplished education, and also to furnish teachers of every grade, from the highest female Institute, to the family school, the common and even infant school, the " Ladies' Society for the promotion of Education at the West,
Page 6 - of the Society, and shall have power to call their own meetings ; ^ to fill any vacancies which may occur among their members; to appropriate funds as shall be needed between the quarterly meetings
Page 30 - We must make haste. The moments are precious. America may one day be the centre of civilization; and shall truth or error,
Page 9 - The Board of Managers observe a concert of Secret Prayer every Saturday evening between the hours of eight and ten, for the blessing of God on this enterprise, and they request all the friends of Christ to unite with them in its observance. For " except the Lord build the house, they
Page 30 - Protestant sects are beforehand with us, it will be difficult to destroy their influence.
Page 30 - missions of America are of high importance to the church. The superabundant population of
Page 4 - Mrs. SAMUEL HUBBARD, Park Street. Mrs. WILLIAM G. LAMBERT, Bowdoin Street. Mrs. HENRY M. HOLBROOK, Old South. Mrs. WILLIAM T. EUSTIS, Park Street. . Mrs. DANIEL SAFFORD, Mount Vernon. Miss SARAH TUTTLE, Mount Vernon. Miss CHARLOTTE A. JOHNSON, Old South.
Page 27 - sickness and poverty, but in imparting the knowledge of that truth which is able to make wise unto salvation.
Page 3 - Park Street Church—Mrs. WM. T. EUSTIS and Mrs. MH SIMPSON. Bowdoin Street " —Mrs. MOSES L. HALE, and Mrs. J. BANCROFT. Old South " —Mrs. CHARLES STODDARD, and Mrs. PICKENS. Suffolk Union
Page 25 - said in regard to its object and its management. Boston, Jan. 19th, 1847. EDWARD N. KIRK. I fully agree with my brethren in regard to the Society for the Promotion of Education in the West, and most heartily commend it to the patronage of every one who wishes well to the country and the church.

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