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1897 - Divorce
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Page 75 - An act for the requiring of a civil license in order to marry, and the due registration of the same, and to provide a penalty for the violation of the provisions of the same," being section 11378 of the Compiled Laws of 1915, as amended by Act No.
Page xvi - ... the parents of both parties, if living, and their guardian or guardians if either or both of the parents are dead, or by the written request of the parent or guardian, as the case may be, of the one under marriageable age, where only one is under the marriageable age now fixed by the statute, when, according to his judgment, such marriage would be a benefit to public morals.
Page 75 - Whenever it shall appear from said affidavit that the said applicant applies for a license for the marriage of a female who has not attained the age of 18 years, then it shall be the duty of said county clerk to require that there shall first be produced the written consent of one of the parents of said female or of her legal guardian to the marriage of said female, and to the issuing of the license for which application is made, and such consent shall be given personally in the presence of the county...
Page xvi - The register and license aforesaid shall be open to examination only upon the written order of the judge of any circuit or supreme court of this State and only for such use as is designated in such order. Such order shall be made only upon a writ.ten request of the person or persons to whom the same was issued or when necessary to the protection of property rights being litigated before such court arising from or affected by such marriage.
Page 169 - ... and Whereas, Such mild cases of diphtheria often communicate a dangerous and fatal form of diphtheria, Resolved, That it is the duty of physicians and householders in reporting diseases dangerous to the public health...
Page 172 - It was there seen that this disease prevails most intensely in the counties having cities of considerable size and in the northern part of the lower peninsula and in the upper peninsula. A...
Page xvi - That such judge of probate shall have authority to marry persons under marriageable age, where the female is with child, or where she has been living with some man as his wife, in cases in which the application for such license is accompanied by the written request of the parents of both parties, if living, and their guardian or guardians if either or both of the parents are dead, or by the written request of the parent or guardian...
Page 131 - Even this number contains many deaths the causes of which are practically unspecified, as "old age," "debility," etc., but such deaths can be certainly ascribed to disease. The total thus obtained makes a more satisfactory basis of reference for stating the proportion of deaths from any specified cause than the grand total inclusive of deaths from violence, stillbirths, and "unknown" causes. Thus we have: Deaths from Communicable Diseases Dangerous to the Public Health, ...... 4,691 or 24.9 per cent.

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