Annual Report of the Bureau of Animal Industry for the Year ...

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Page 120 - August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, and of an Act to provide for the inspection of live, cattle, hogs, and the carcasses and products thereof which are the subjects of interstate commerce...
Page 731 - State sheep inspector shall hold his office for the term of two years, and until his successor is appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by the Governor.
Page 737 - ... one for the term of one year, one for the term of two years, and one for the term of three years ; and one member of said board shall be elected annually thereafter, who shall hold his office for three years.
Page 119 - That the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized to examine all vessels which are to carry export cattle from the ports of the United States to foreign countries, and to prescribe by rules and regulations or orders the accommodations which said vessels shall provide for export cattle, as to space, ventilation, fittings, food and water supply and such other requirements as he may decide to be necessary for the safe and proper transportation and humane treatment of such animals.
Page 93 - ... for one year, two years, three years, four years, five years, six years, and seven years, and in every case the disease was produced.
Page 740 - Mg office and shall receive gucú compensation, not exceeding the sum of five hundred dollars a year each, as said board shall determine. Such compensation shall be paid by the city or town for which he is appointed.
Page 2 - SEC. 73. Extra copies of documents and reports shall be printed promptly when the same shall be ready for publication, and shall be bound in paper or cloth, as directed by the Joint Committee on Printing, and shall be the numlier following, in addition to the usual number.
Page 103 - An act for the establishment of a bureau of animal industry, to prevent the exportation of diseased cattle, and to provide means for the suppression and extirpation of pleuro-pneumonia and other contagious diseases among domestic animals," and to co-operate with the authorities of the United States in the enforcement of the provisions of such act.
Page 111 - ... of said State or Territory, and said last above-mentioned line and the measures taken to enforce it are satisfactory to the Secretary of Agriculture, he may, by a special order, temporarily adopt said State or Territorial line. Said adoption will apply only to that portion of said line specified, and may cease at any time the Secretary may deem it best for the...
Page 731 - States, to hold office for four years and until their successors are appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by the President.

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