Synopsis of the Report of the Superintendent of the United States Naval Observatory

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1916
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Page 21 - Observatory performs continuous observation of celestial bodies, natural and artificial; derives and publishes such data as will afford to United States Naval vessels and aircraft, as well as to all availing themselves thereof, means for safe navigation, including the provision of accurate time; and while pursuing this primary function, contributes materially to the general advancement of navigation and astronomy.
Page 18 - The principal work of the observatory shall be in the field of the astronomy of position as distinguished from astro-physical work, and shall be the continued maintenance of observations for absolute positions of the fundamental stars and of stars which are to be made fundamental, and in addition the independent determination by observations of the sun, of the...
Page 23 - Ephemeris of the great comet of 1858," AN, v. 64, 1865, p. 181 190. 5. "On the reduction of the rectangular coordinates of the sun referred to the true equator and equinox of date to those referred to the mean equator and equinox of the beginning of the year,
Page 14 - That any employee of the Nautical Almanac Office who may be authorized in any annual appropriation bill and whose services in whole or in part can be spared from the duty of preparing for publication the annual volumes of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac may be employed by said office in the duty of improving the tables of the planets, moon, and stars, to be used in preparing for publication the annual volumes of the office: Provided further, That section four hundred and thirty-five,...
Page 6 - ... manufacture this instrument. Congress did not provide any addition to the clerical force, and it is earnestly recommended that the additional clerks which will be requested in the estimates to be submitted by the superintendent for the next fiscal year be approved and Congress urged to allow the same. The scientific personnel has met twice each month, except during the summer, for the discussion of current astronomical topics and reading of papers by its members and scientists. The astronomical...
Page 5 - WORK The astronomy of position, contemplating continuous observations of the sun, moon, planets, and fundamental stars for the determination of absolute positions, including the position of the equator and equinox among the stars, and essential contributory observations. Other astronomical investigations of general or special scientific value, either independently or in cooperation with other observatories, undertaken so far as time, opportunity, and the demands of the principal observational work...
Page 18 - The astronomical observations to accomplish these ends are necessarily continuous and unremitting, but are not sufficient of themselves to give full and constant employment either to the observers or the instruments.
Page 4 - Comite International Permanent pour 1'Execution Photographique de la Carte du Ciel.
Page 2 - ... days of gyro development it practically supported that development. The personnel of this Division consists of two naval officers. Air Navigation and Aerological Instrument Division. The Air Navigation and Aerological Instrument Division has charge of the handling, inspection, development, etc., of all aircraft compasses and instruments for aerial navigation, ground instruments used in connection with air navigation and the aerological instruments at naval air stations and on board aircraft carriers...

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