Annual report of the State Board of Charity of Massachusetts. v.5, 1868, 5권

Wright and Potter Printing Company, 1869

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22 페이지 - Provided always that in any area adjoining a vault, cellar, or underground room there may be steps necessary for access to such vault, cellar, or room, if the same be so placed as not to be over, across or opposite to the said external window, and so as to allow between every part of such steps and the external wall of such vault, cellar, or room, a clear space of six inches at...
144 페이지 - Commissioners, and who shall hold their offices from the date of their respective appointment for the terms of one, two and three years, respectively, from the first day of April next.
23 페이지 - The owner or keeper of any lodging-house, and the owner or lessee of any tenement-house or part thereof, shall thoroughly cleanse all the rooms, passages, stairs, floors, windows, doors, walls, ceilings, privies, cess-pools and drains...
26 페이지 - cellar" shall be taken to mean and include every basement or lower story of any building or house of which one-half or more of the height from the floor to the ceiling is below the level of the street adjoining. The phrase
25 페이지 - A tenement-house within the meaning of this title shall be taken to mean and include any house or building, or portion thereof, which is rented, leased, let or hired out, to be occupied, or is occupied as the home or residence of three families or more living independently of each other, and doing their cooking upon the premises, or by more than two families upon any floor, so living and cooking, but having a common right in the halls, stairways, yards, water-closets or privies, or some of them.
20 페이지 - ... for which they are provided shall not exceed the proportion above required for every privy or water-closet. Every such house situated upon a lot on a street in which there is a sewer, shall have the water-closets or privies furnished with a proper connection with the sewer, which connection shall be in all its parts adequate for the purpose, so as to permit entirely and freely to pass whatever enters the same. Such connection with the sewer shall be of a form...
21 페이지 - No cesspool shall be allowed in or under or connected with any such house, except when it is unavoidable, and in such case it shall be constructed in such situation and in such manner as the inspector of buildings may direct.
22 페이지 - ... below the level of the floor of such vault, cellar, or room ; nor unless there is a clear space of not less than one foot below the level of the floor, except where the same is cemented ; nor unless there be appurtenant to such vault, cellar, or room the use of a water-closet or privy, kept and provided as in this act required ; nor unless the same have an external...
21 페이지 - ... of at least two feet and six inches wide in every part, nor unless the same be well and effectually drained by means of a drain, the uppermost part of which is one foot at least below the level of the floor of such vault, cellar, or room, nor unless there...
19 페이지 - ... health, health officer or commissioners in their estimate and award of damages, may make complaint to the county commissioners for the county, at any time within one year after return to the city or town clerk, whereupon the same proceedings shall be had as are POWERS OF BOARDS.

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