Annual Report on the Vital Statistics of Massachusetts: Births, Marriages, Divorces and Deaths..., Volume 17, Part 1858

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Page cxlv - February, transmit to the secretary of the Commonwealth, certified copies of the records of the births, marriages, and deaths, •which have occurred therein during, the year ending on the last day of the preceding December.
Page cxlv - Any physician having attended a person during his last illness, shall — when requested within fifteen days after the decease of such person — forthwith furnish for registration a certificate of the duration of the last sickness, the disease of which the person died, and the date of his decease, as nearly as he can state the same. If any physician refuses or neglects to make such certificate, he shall forfeit, and pay the sum of ten dollars to the use of the town in which he resides.
Page cxlvii - The record of a marriage, made and kept as prescribed by law by the person before whom the marriage is solemnized, or by the clerk or registrar of any city or town, or a copy of such record duly certified, shall be received in all courts and places as presumptive evidence of such marriage.
Page cxlvii - Quakers are solemnized, shall make a record of each marriage solemnized before him, together with all facts relating to the marriage required by law to be recorded. He shall also between the first and tenth days of each month return a copy of the record for the month next preceding, to the clerk or registrar of the city or town in which the marriage was solemnized, and shall when neither of the parties to a marriage resides in the city or town in which the marriage is solemnized, return a copy of...
Page cxlvii - State, and they return to dwell here, they shall, within seven days after their return, file with the clerk or registrar of the city or town, where either of them lived at the time, a certificate or declaration of their marriage, including the facts concerning marriages required by law, and for every neglect they shall forfeit ten dollars.
Page 55 - mean age at death ' be taken to represent the expectation of life. " The numbers following different professions fluctuate more than the general population ; the relative proportion of young and aged persons varies from year to year ; certain professions, stations and ranks are only attained by persons advanced in years ; and some occupations are only followed in youth ; hence it requires no great amount of sagacity to perceive that 'the mean age at death...
Page cxlv - Monson, shall obtain, record, and make return of the facts in relation to the births and deaths which occur in their respective institutions, in like manner as is required of town clerks. The clerks of said towns shall, in relation to the births and deaths of persons in said almshouscs, be exempt from the duties otherwise required of them by this chapter.
Page cxlv - ... blank books for indexes thereto, and blank forms for returns, on paper of uniform size ; and shall accompany the same with such instructions and explanations as may be necessary and...
Page 4 - Paris have latterly published returns of the number of letters which the writers, through forgetfulness, omitted to direct; and, making allowance for the difference of circumstances, the returns are year after year copies of each other. Year after year the same proportion...
Page cxlvii - Every justice of the peace, minister, and clerk, or keeper of the records of the meeting wherein any marriages among the Friends or Quakers are solemnized, shall make a record of each marriage solemnized before him, together with all...

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