Answers to Questions People Never Ask -: But Should!

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Trafford Publishing (UK) Limited, 2011 - Religion - 448 pages
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This book reveals the symbols, used so abundantly in the Old and New Testaments, what they mean, and what they are telling us. Symbols often say more than the words used.Capitals, and lower case first letters, of words also tell a great deal. As an example, should "holy spirit" be capitalized? Most of the time, the answer is no, because, though God is a Spirit, Himself, the holy spirit is your own spirit, wedded to the Spirit of the Almighty. It is in union with God, but it is in part, your own spirit. How much is God, how much is "you," depends of you.

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About the author (2011)

I was birthed in Amelia, Virginia in 1940. Many of my recollections recall the war we were fighting. There were many men in uniform, but few at home. I vividly recall, since we lived close to an airfield, most of my first five years, the roar of bombers as they prepared for take off. As a child, I could only wonder what the noise was. I also remember visiting the airfield, with my mother, as she worked there during the war. She allowed some airmen to lift me up into the belly of a bomber. I was upset, and cried until I was taken back out. I remember a machine, in the PX, that looked like a jukebox. I could swear there was fighter aircraft flying inside it, with the accompanying roar of engines. Some have suggested it was a game, and that the flying aircraft was really just moving visualizations on the front. I guess I'll never know. Though I could say the alphabet, and do printing, before I ever entered school, I failed the first grade. After repeating that grade, I then failed the second grade. Summer school ensued, as a result. After that, I managed to at least slide by. Oddly, I made better grades in Latin than English. Our Latin teacher, middle aged, or perhaps a little older, tinted her gray hair purple. She loved Nantucket Island, for vacations. It didn't't take the class long to discover, if you got her talking about Nantucket, the learning of Latin was shortened. A forth grade teacher, I recall, smacked me upside my head so hard, it made my ears ring. I still, to this day, don't know what I could have done, to earn it! At about twelve years of age, I became very fat, gaining as much as five pounds a week. When I was wide, as I was tall, a doctor diagnosed me "under- active thyroid". I managed to lose a lot of weight, but didn't actually become thin until after a stint in the US Air Force. As a fat kid, I suffered being picked on, and disliked by my classmates. I was fortunate in being able to secure good jobs through life, but unfortunate in that I squandered all my good fortune in booze, uppers and downers, pot, sex, and even Cocaine, when it was given me for free. Had I invested my monies, instead, I would be writing this Bio as a multimillionaire. There is an upside, however. All the curses, I bought into my life, have forged me in the fires of life, into a servant of God. Unrealized wealth is, perhaps, not so great a loss, if the final product of one's life results in a mission, much more important, and fulfilling. Indeed, I am blessed with an excellent retirement income, especially for a High School Graduate, which was resultant to some degree, on the sympathy of kind teachers. Though, in good health, I am overweight again, but have discovered that if you are old, people forgive you being fat. After having been reared Methodist, and Baptist, I became a Mormon for about 25 years. I never progressed there, as I was too busy throwing my life away, and too selfish to contribute to the church treasury. In 1985 I became a Messianic Jew, with a wonderful Pastor, who taught me much. I thought his sermons were so good. I undertook to put them to paper. After a number of successful endeavors, I desired to undertake self-studies of my own; to prove there were no differences between the Old and New Testaments. The result was unbelievable growth in knowledge, and understanding, I acquired. I found, as I studied, my interest, as a writer, other than religious, is drama and science fiction. My favorite science fiction short storiy is, "The Anemic Vampire." In drama, it was "The Chicken and the foxes," and"DNA Skidoo." Perhaps I will publish a book of the short stories, at some time. I am now 70 years, going through the normal processes of life. Each tragedy, whether death, of a loved one, or whatever illnesses would occur to family, or with friends, all serve to temper the steel of life. It is the certain knowledge of a loving God, and Savior, that will enable reunion of loved ones, during the thousand year reign of Messi

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