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AuthorHouse, 2007 - Fiction - 212 pages
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Set in the hi-tech world of modern medicine, it is the story of a specialist in anaesthesia, determined to provide the perfect sevice to his patients, while simultaneously striving to enlighten the public about the enormous contribution made by anaesthetists in improving patient care over the years, which has received scant attention. The organised life and routine of the single minded Professor at the ultra-modern Mill Hill University Hospital is disrupted, with the arrival of a new patient.Sally Peterson, an unfortunate disabled young lady has been involved in a traffic accident, and suffered multiple injuries. Caine immediately sets out to save her life in an emergency operation. Nevertheless, Sally ends up in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) not only because of the extensive injuries but due to sensitivity to one of the anaesthetic drugs, leading to cessation of respiration-APNOEA'. Caine's analytical mind is at work and finds that certain features of the case causing him concern.While he is thus preoccupied, he himself falls victim to an unforeseen illness and ends up as a patient in the same ICU ! Can this be a coincidence ? Do the combined plights of Sally and his own, have anything in common? While recovering from his grave illness, he embarks on a mission to solve the mystery.His efforts take him into the world of high finance, treachery, romance and even murder- very nearly his own...

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