Appendix to the 5th Ed. of Dana's Mineralogy

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J. Wiley & son, 1872 - Mineralogy - 19 pages

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Page 18 - They are symmetrically disposed in their matrix, their trigonal intermediate axes being vertical to the foliation of the xanthophyllite. The green plates of this mineral, nearest the rounded masses of...
Page 5 - Zu 1. 31-57 12-09 13-43 40-32 2-12 tr =99-53 2. 32-34 12-78 14-20 40-68=100-00 No. 2 is No. 1 after deducting the 2-12 Bi which was present as intermingled wittichenite, and as such was combined with 1 -84 Cu and 0-98 S. In the closed tube gives first sulphui then sulphid of arsenic. BB on charcoal gives an arsenic reaction and a magnetic slag with copper globules. Soluble in nitric acid with separation of sulphur. Occurs sparingly at Neuglück Mine in Wittichen. 289.
Page 5 - Granular. 21-89 20-77 56-11 0-20 0'60 0-29=99-86 2. freedles. 21 "31 20'23 54-88 0'30 0'84 1-32=98-88 Websky considers the mineral as probably a product of the decomposition of Boulangerite, from which it differs in containing more sulphur and correspondingly less antimony. Found with galena pyrite, blende, and mispickel, at Altenberg in Silesia. 132 A. EPIOENITB. T. Petersen, Pogg. Ann., cxxxvi. 502, Arsenikkupferwismutherzf Epigenit, Sandberger. Orthorhombio, observed planes, I, 14, ll. 1/\1-1—1W...
Page 3 - FH 36-33 35-11 0-93 1-40 tr. 2'41 0'20 1'82 tr. 21-23=99-43 Excluding the iron (supposed to exist as limonite), the silica, and copper, lime and magnesia with sufficient phosphoric acid (=3'27 P) to make an ortho-phosphate, and calculating the remaining constituents (89-26 pc) up to 100 we have for the true composition of the mineral, according to Petersen, £ 37 '04, Si 39'34, H 23'62, corresponding very closely with the above formula.
Page 3 - H 23'62, corresponding very closely with the above formula. BB decrepitates, infusible, on charcoal turns reddish-gray. With cobalt solution gives a deep blue. Moistened with sulphuric acid colors the flame green. With the fluxes gives a faint reaction for copper. Soluble in mineral acids, also in fixed caustic alkalies. From the Eindsberg Mine near Katzenellnbogen, Nassau.
Page 13 - With the fluxes reacts for /ron, manganese, and silica ; on charcoal with soda gives a zinc coating. Gelatinizes with acids readily and completely, leaving sometimes a bright-green residue of spinel Occurs at Stirling Hill, Sussex Co., NJ, with willemite, frankliuite, jeffersonite, and epinel ; also found at Franklin Furnace with gahnite.
Page 15 - Mg ft 31-89 40-10 17-03 9-59=98-61 In the closed tube darkens in color and yields neutral water. If turmeric paper is moistened with this water, and then with dilute muriatic acid, it assumes a red color (boric acid) In the forceps fuses in the flame of a candle (F=2), and BB in OF yields a black crystalline mass, coloring the flame intensely yellowish-green. With the fluxes reacts for manganese. Soluble in chlorhydric acid. Found on Mine Hill, Franklin Furnace, Sussex Co., NJ, associated with franklinite,...
Page 1 - Ï*, in which, however, a portion of the ferric phosphate is replaced by ferrous phosphate, as in vivianite is frequently the case with the two phosphates. " Occurs in Cornwall on a quartzose veinstone associated with limonite and göthite, and interpenetrated with a mineral resembling, if not identical with, dufrenite. Requires further description. 71 A. Arsenical cobalt. Under the title Einfach-arsenik-cobalt, Kenngott calls attention to a mineral which appears to be hexagonally crystallized arsenid...
Page 17 - P ¥в ft (42-53) 51-14 1-15 1-01 4-17=100-00 43-91 51«3 1-56 This composition is near wörthite, a hydrous fibrolite, but it differs from that mineral in inferior hardness. BB swells up ; infusible and turns white. Not acted upon by acids. Associated with pyrophyllite at Westana, Sweden. . 601 A. WINKWORTIIITE. П. How, Phil. Mag., April, 1871. In imbedded nodules, crystalline on fracture. Glistening. Colorless to white. Tran
Page 8 - Stn 4-21, Mn 20-57, Mg 6-41 = 99-44. BB infusible. It does not lose weight when ignited. With the fluxes reacts for iron and manganese. Soluble in muriatic acid, with a slight evolution of chlorine. From Jacobsberg, in Nordmark. Sweden, where it occurs associated with white mica and native copper in a crystalline limestone 127 A.

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