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World Scientific, 1984 - Science - 116 pages
These lectures give an elementary introduction to the important recent developments of the applications of N=1 supergravity to the construction of unified models of elementary particle interactions. Topics covered include couplings of supergravity with matter, spontaneous symmetry breaking and the super-higgs effect, construction of supergravity unified models, and the phenomenon of SU(2) x U(1) electroweak-symmetry breaking by supergravity. Experimental consequences of N-1 supergravity unified theory, in particular, the possible supersymmetric decays of the W and Z0 bosons, are also discussed. The treatment presented encompasses a broad class of models, both of the tree breaking as well as the radiative breaking of SU(2) x U(1). Rules of tensor calculus and the explicit construction of the Lagrangian of the Supergravity-matter couplings are given in the appendix.

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Supergravity Matter Couplings and Effective Potential
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and SuperHiggs Effect
Supergravity Models
SU2XU1 Breaking by Supergravity
Radiative Breaking of SU2XU1
Supersymmetric Decays of W and Z Bosons
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