Applied Bacteriology: An Elementary Handbook for the Use of Students of Hygiene, Medical Officers of Health, and Analysts

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W. W. Wood, 1906 - Bacteriology - 475 pages
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Page 17 - Koch, the tubercle bacillus is killed by the action of direct sunlight in a time varying from a few minutes to several hours, depending upon the thickness of the layer exposed and the season of the year.
Page 438 - ... farms such a condition no longer prevails, but in the smaller farms it is but too frequently met with. "3. That the hands of the milker be thoroughly washed before the operation of milking is commenced, and that after once being washed they be not again employed in handling the cow otherwise than in the necessary operation of milking. Any such handling should be succeeded by another washing in fresh water before again commencing to milk. "4. That all milk venders' shops should be kept far cleaner...
Page 437 - Rowland for the better management of dairies, to secure a pure milk-supply : 1. That all milking be carried on in the open air, the animals and operators standing on a material which is capable of being thoroughly washed, such as a floor of concrete or cement. Such a floor could be easily laid down in any convenient place which can be found. The site chosen should be removed from inhabited parts as far as possible, and should be provided with a plentiful watersupply. Only in this way does it seem...
Page 148 - In November, 1896, the Home Office appointed a committee upon anthrax to make inquiry into, and report on, the conditions of work as they affect the health of the operatives in the industries in which anthrax is alleged to occur, and to report what, if any, special rules should be made or special requirements enforced under the Factories and Workshops Act, 1895, for the protection of persons employed in those industries, and as a result all cases of anthrax contracted in connection with various industries...
Page 23 - Cadeac and Malet kept portions of a tuberculous lung in a frozen condition for four months, and found that at the end of this time tuberculosis was still produced in guinea-pigs by injecting a small quantity of this material. In considering...
Page 19 - Dry Heat. — When microorganisms in a desiccated condition are exposed to the action of heated dry air, the temperature required for their destruction is much above that required when they are in a moist condition or when they are exposed to the action of hot water or steam.
Page 325 - ... have been grown with scrupulous care in laboratories equipped expressly for this purpose, and these pure growths are thence despatched to breweries in all parts of the world, particular yeasts being provided for the production of particular varieties of beer. In this manner scientific accuracy and the certainty of success are introduced into an industry in which before much was a matter of chance, and in which nearly everything was subordinated to tradition and blind empiricism.
Page 401 - ... gives useful indications. With a pure water this ratio is generally considerably higher than 10 to 1 ; with a polluted water this ratio is approached, and frequently becomes 10 to 2, 10 to 3, or even less. The actual number of organisms growing at blood-heat is also of considerable value apart from any question of ratio. Therefore it is suggested that plates of nutrient agar should also be employed and incubated at blood-heat.
Page 122 - ... of the venom of the cobra, mixed with diminishing quantities of a 1 in 60 solution of hypochlorite of lime. The condition and...
Page 114 - This would manifest itself in such fashion that in contrast to the first experiment the fatal dose of fresh tetanus toxin could now be decreased ; in other words a small dose would now tetanize the animal in a shorter time. As a matter of fact Wassermann's experiments yielded exactly the results deduced theoretically.

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