Applied Motion Study: A Collection of Papers on the Efficient Method to Industrial Preparedness

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Sturgis & Walton Company, 1917 - Industrial efficiency - 220 pages
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Page ix - It has been said that he who makes two blades of grass grow where only one grew before is a benefactor to his species.
Page 37 - A standard under modern scientific management is simply a carefully thought out method of performing a function, or carefully drawn specifications covering an implement or some article of stores or of product. The idea of perfection is not involved in standardization. The standard method of doing anything is simply the best method that can be devised at the time the standard is drawn.
Page 41 - There is no waste of any kind in the world that equals the waste from needless, ill-directed, and ineffective motions.
Page 88 - An advantage to the motion study man in eliminating all useless, inefficient and ill-directed motions and in his general education in motion study. An advantage, also, to the worker, who could thus see his motions as he never could while doing the work. A special advantage to the learner desiring to acquire the skill in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of effort possible. This need was even greater in the case of surgery, where it was found impossible, because of the necessity...
Page 38 - ... that this work be done by experts as competent to do it as were those who originally framed the standard. Standards adopted and protected in this way produce the best that is known at any one time. Standardization practiced in this way is a constant invitation to experimentation and improvement.
Page 43 - Motion study consists of dividing work into the most fundamental elements possible; studying these elements separately and in relation to one another; and from these studied elements, when timed, building methods of least waste.To cite a specific example: The assembly of a machine is the piece of work under consideration.
Page 188 - Promotion we have not only the true and proved answer to the problem of promotion, but also the means by which efficient placement becomes almost automatic, and a supply of desirable applicants for any vacant position is constantly available. No system of placement can hope to succeed unless such a supply of applicants is available. We wish to emphasise then three points: 1.
Page 66 - ... to the millionth of an hour. This is designed for extremely accurate work, but can be adjusted to intervals of any length desired, as proves most economical or desirable for the type of work to be investigated. Having completed our microchronometer, we proceeded as follows : The microchronometer was placed in the photographic field near the operator and his working equipment, and against a cross-sectioned background or in a cross-sectioned field, and at a cross-sectioned work bench or table....
Page 64 - In making more intensive studies of certain trades, such as shovelling concrete work, and bricklaying, we found it advantageous to photograph the various positions in which the hands, arms, feet, and other parts of the body involved in the operations were placed, and to record the time taken in moving from one position to another by one method, as related to the time taken in moving from the same first to the same second position by another...
Page 74 - ... members of the' community through loss or crippling of the earning members of the family caused by the war. The second is the more efficient utilisation of all other members of the community, in order to make up, as far as possible, for the loss in productive power of individuals either killed or rendered in some way less efficient by the war. The need for economy in the expenditure of human effort is not new. Even in the days of the Pharaohs there was the...

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