Arabic Theology, Arabic Philosophy: From the Many to the One : Essays in Celebration of Richard M. Frank

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Peeters Publishers, 2006 - Philosophy - 463 pages
In the course of his career, Professor Richard M. Frank of the Catholic University of America produced a hugely significant corpus of works on the intellectual activity in Classical Islam known as Kalam, which he argued should be rendered as 'speculative theology'. He also wrote on the Qur'an, on the Arabic and Syriac philosophical tradition, and argued vigorously for a new reading of the famous religious scholar and theologian al-Ghazali (d. 1111) as a devotee of the cosmology of Ibn Sina (d. 1037). In this volume, fourteen scholars, many of them contemporaries of Professor Frank, engage with his legacy with important and seminal works which take some of his ideas as their points of departure. The book is divided into six sections: the Qur'an, Paths to al-Ash'ari, Al-Ash'ari and the Kalam, Christian Falsafa, Avicenna and Beyond, and Al-Ghazali on Causality. There are major articles on Qur'anic emendations and Arabia and Late Antiquity, on the Arabic Plotinian Tradition, on Syriac Philosophical Vocabulary, and an important reading of the Greek-Arabic translation movement in terms of the practical and exact sciences. There are seminal studies of atomism, with valuable translations of complex theological passages previously untranslated, of the Christian philosophy of Yahya ibn 'Adi, of a late Mu'tazili argument for the existence of God and a hitherto unedited section on optics by Ibn Mattawayh. These are complemented by important, close readings of Avicenna's epistemology and his Metaphysics together with a major, new survey of the Avicennan tradition in the madrasas of the Islamic East. The volume ends with two discussions of the perennial question of al-Ghazali's theory of causality. In addition, the volume contains an autobiographical piece by Professor Frank and a complete bibliography of his published works.

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James E Montgomery Editors Introduction
Monica Blanchard and James E Montgomery Richard M
James A Bellamy Seven Quranic Emendations
James E Montgomery The Empty Hijaz
Henri HugonnardRoche Le vocabulaire philosophique de letre
Cristina DAncona The Arabic Version of Enn IV 72 and
Transmission and Translation
Sabra Kaldm Atomism as an Alternative Philo
Daniel Gimaret Un chapitre inédit de la tadkira dIbn Mattawayh
Sidney H Griffith Yahya b AdTs Colloquy On Sexual Absti
Dimitri Gutas Imagination and Transcendental Knowledge
Michael Marmura Avicennas Critique of Platonists in Book VII
Gerhard Endress Reading Avicenna in the Madrasa Intellectual
ThereseAnn Druart AlGhazalTs Conception of the Agent
Jon McGinnis Occasionalism Natural Causation and Science

Wilferd Madelung Abu 1Husayn alBasris Proof for the Exis

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