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AuthorHouse, 2000 - Fiction - 260 pages
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Five hundred years from now Earth is a barren wasteland, a planet dead from pollution and radiation poisoning. The human race, in order to survive, has turned its technology toward the stars. Man's genetic base, however, has been irrevocably damaged. Untainted DNA is needed both to fortify the general population and to allow the continued creation of genetically engineered telepaths--beings carefully controlled by the Psi Center for use by the government and corporations.

Luckily for mankind, a source of fresh DNA has recently been discovered and utilized--human beings who were cryogenically preserved centuries earlier. Araroon is a story about one of those revived humans, a likable young 20th century man named Duncan who was genetically altered as a child to enhance his psychic abilities and whose body was frozen after his sudden violent death.

Duncan can read minds, sense emotions, and perform other mental feats that at times surpass the abilities of the Psi Center's artificially grown telepaths. His DNA and unusual esper talents are badly desired by the scientists. However, Duncan doesn't intend to spend his new life as their experimental subject and slave. The story begins as he escapes and makes his way to Old Earth's major spaceport, The Dock, where he meets Elana, a beautiful girl who is keeping her own telepathic talents secret and whose partner Max owns a starship, the "Araroon."

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Crist earned her masters degree in journalism from The Ohio State University.

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