ArchŠological and Historical Collections Relating to Ayrshire & Galloway, Volume 2

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Page 146 - King, have given, granted, and by this my present charter have confirmed, to God and S.
Page 18 - ... portions of the land, which they enclosed with walls, and filled in the space with mud. When the workmen began to excavate, they came upon heads of wooden piles, stone celts, stags' horns, and various kinds of implements. The late Dr. Ferdinand Keller, President of the Antiquarian Society at Zurich, hearing of the discovery, took up the matter with much energy, and after careful investigation of the remains at Ober Meilen, came to the conclusion that the piles had supported a platform, that on...
Page 133 - For dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return." (5) " Remember man as thou goes by, As thou art now so once was I. As I am now so must thou be, Remember man that thou must die.
Page 50 - ... the silt of the lake deposited before the foundations of the Crannog were laid. The depth of this solid mass of wood-work, measuring from the surface of the log pavement, was 9 feet 10 inches, or about 16 feet from the surface of the field. Amongst the very last spadefuls pitched from this depth was found nearly one-half of a well-formed and polished ring made out of shale, the external and internal diameters of which were 3^ and 2 inches respectively.
Page 30 - Before it was artificially drained, some forty years ago, no one appears to have surmised that a small island, which became visible in the summer-time, and formed a safe habitation for gulls and other sea-birds during the breeding season...
Page 71 - A curious 3-pronged implement (Fig. 100) was found, about 3 feet deep, in the large drain a few yards to the south of Crannog ; the prongs are curved, very sharp at the points, and attached laterally ; they are 2ú inches apart and 4 inches long ; a portion of the handle is twisted spirally, its total length is 3 feet 9 inches. 15. A much corroded pick-axe was found about the middle of the lake area. The end of the axe portion is nearly 5 inches broad, and the whole length of the implement is 22...
Page 22 - A little NW of the double row, in the old working, there is a part of a circle of piles ; and in another, a row of piles running nearly E. and W. Mr. Hemsworth of Danesfort, who spent many of his younger days boating on the lake, and knows every part of it, informs me that on the upper end of some of the upright piles there were the marks of where horizontal beams were mortised on them. These seemed now to have disappeared, as I did not remark them."3 Mr.
Page 30 - ... pavement, and the layer of clay underneath it extended eastwards over one of the horizontal beams above referred to. Both these pavements were neatly constructed of flat stones of various sizes, and about an inch and a half thick, and had a raised rim round them also formed of flat stones, but uniformly selected and set on edge. They were slightly oval in shape, and the major and minor axes of the lower one measured 5 and 4 feet respectively. Traces of other pavements between the upper and lower...
Page 30 - None of these layers of logs were disturbed at this stage of the proceedings. A perpendicular section made of the central mass left standing, just touching the southern edge of the first-discovered pavement, and looking towards the south, presented the appearance of stratified rocks of various colours, of which the above is a sketch. At the bottom is the log pavement; then in succession you see turf, clay, a black line of ashes; then again clay, another line of charcoal and ashes, and lastly, the...

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