Archaeologia Cambrensis

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W. Pickering, 1888 - Electronic journals

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Page 361 - I have come to the conclusion that we cannot do better than follow the story of Geoffrey, which makes Stonehenge the work of Merlin Emrys, commanded by another Emrys, which I interpret to mean that the temple belonged to the Celtic Zeus, whose later legendary self we have in Merlin.
Page 413 - It was clear from the moment the excavations were begun that the remains were Roman, for fragments of Romano-British pottery and brass coins of the third century were early brought to light. But no one expected to find so far to the south of the Via Julia the remains of a large and wellappointed Roman villa, showing indications of military occupation either here or in the near neighborhood.
Page 202 - Britannieorum, placed it at Stretton Grandison, and it appears here on all the old maps. The Roman road from Magna enters that from Bravinium and Blackwardine at a right angle, and tradition assigned its place in the south-west corner near the junction of the roads. Its exact site was not known, however, until it was accidentally discovered by Messrs. Stephen and Philip Ballard in 1842, when making the Ledbury and Hereford Canal. On the banks of the river Frome, in a flat meadow called...
Page 149 - Est aliud mirabile in regione quse dicitur Buelt. Est ibi cumulus lapidum, et unus lapis superpositus super congestum, cum vestigio canis in eo. Quando venatus est porcum Troynt, impressit Cabal, qui erat canis Arthuri militis, vestigium in lapide, et Arthur postea congregavit congestum lapidum sub lapide in quo erat vestigium canis sui, et vocatur Carn Cabal.
Page 152 - Admitting, however, that the great majority of these inscriptions range from the middle of the fifth to the end of the sixth...
Page 156 - Constantine indicated by the present coin, may at least be taken as evidence that the new Caesar stood forth as the representative of the interests of the Constantinian dynasty in the island as against the faction of the rebel Gerontius and his barbarian allies.
Page 218 - Dallaway, vol. i. mural windows : appenticium is the ' bordari. term used in the above writ. This order ' borduris. make on the same tower on the south side, at the top, deep alures of good and strong timber, entirely and well covered with lead, through which people may look even unto the foot of the same tower, and ascend, and better defend it, if need should be. And also whitewash the whole chapel of St. John the Evangelist in the same Tower. And make in the same chapel three glass windows, one,...
Page 171 - Gospels, the fragment of an office for the visitation of the sick, and the Apostles' Creed, all in Latin, and is written in a character which may be ascribed to the ninth century.
Page 414 - ... crushed and killed the man by falling upon him. It is evident that this hall had been the scene of a massacre, for in nearly every instance the skull or facial bones have been fractured, and the bodies lie over one another in confused heaps. In four instances there had been an attempt at burial. For this purpose the pavement was torn up and the body laid in an opening not more than...
Page 19 - At the same time, upon the principle of " give a dog a bad name and hang him," many more sins are laid to the fox's charge than he is guilty of.

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