Archbishop Purcell Outdone!: The Roman Catholic Church in New York City, and Public Land and Public Money

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Phillips & Hunt, 1880 - 30 pages
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Page 11 - Public schools open to all children for the education of the young should be under the control of the Romish Church, and should not be subject to the civil power, nor made to conform to the opinions of the age.
Page 20 - ... to or in aid of any individual, association or corporation, or become directly or indirectly the owner of stock in, or bonds of, any association or corporation; nor shall any such county, city, town or village be allowed to incur any indebtedness except for county, city, town or village purposes. This section shall not prevent such county, city, town or village from making such provision for the aid or support of its poor as may be authorized by law.
Page 10 - The Romish church has a right to exercise its authority without any limits set to it by the civil power." "XXVEL — The Pope and the priests ought to have dominion over the temporal affairs." "XXX. — The Romish church and her ecclesiastics have a right to immunity from civil law.
Page 2 - Massachusetts supported ; that the essential part of the education of the people was the catechism; and while arithmetic and geography, reading, and writing, and other similar studies might be useful, they were not essential.
Page 10 - In case of conflict between the ecclesiastical and civil powers, the ecclesiastical powers ought to prevail...
Page 10 - The Romish church has a right to interfere in the discipline of the public schools, and in the arrangement of the studies of the public schools, and in the choice of the teachers for these schools.
Page 13 - All other races 92,934 And the names of those arrested show that a large percentage of those classed as Americans in the above table are of Irish parentage, and hence, to a large extent, attended the parochial schools. But taking the table just as it stands, and reducing the figures to a comparative ratio based on the number of each race in this city, as fixed by the last United States census, and adopting the American as the unit, gives the following: Americans 1.00 Irish 3.28 Germans 1.07 All other...
Page 14 - No. 54. The civil power is inferior and subordinate to the ecclesiastical power, and in litigated questions of jurisdiction should yield to it. No. 55. Church and State should be united.
Page 4 - Church has the right to exercise its authority, without having any limits set to it by the civil power. No. 24. The Roman Catholic Church has the right to avail itself of force, and to use the temporal power for that purpose.
Page 14 - ... primarily the knowledge of natural things, the public schools must not be separated from the faith and power of the Romish Church.

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