Architect's Reference Manual: Residential Architectural Practice

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - Architecture - 484 pages

The words, "prostate cancer", overheard in casual conversation are enough to cause the average male to cringe. To actually be diagnosed with this condition is to many a devastating blow from which they never recover, neither emotionally nor physically. Matthew McLaren received the blow and turned it into a twofold opportunity. First, he overcame his own cancer. Secondly, he gave us detailed roadmaps so that others in the same situation can find their way out of it or better yet, to bypass the quagmire entirely by taking simple preventative measures.

This book is "must" reading both for anyone who has prostate cancer (or wishes to prevent it) and for anyone who treats this condition (or dispenses information about it). Within these covers, Matthew has created a virtual encyclopedia of the etiology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and treatments of prostate cancer written in a style that is easy to understand by lay people and thorough enough for practitioners. He interweaves science and personal experience in a delightful way.

The theme of this book is self-empowerment. Our body comes with its own innate healing power. It can cure itself of any condition provided we give it the conditions it needs to do so, and in a timely manner. Matthew details what those conditions are. Much of the wisdom he expresses herein applies not only to prostate cancer but also to other forms of cancer and to disease in general.

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