Architectural Illustrations and Description of the Cathedral Church at Durham, Volume 33; Volume 391

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T. and W. Boone, 1843 - Cathedrals - 54 pages

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Page 54 - Abbey, the wch loft had a long porch over the staire head, slated over, and at either side of the said porch or entry there was a stair to go up to it and a stable underneath the said...
Page 43 - The screen consists of ten detached piers, ornamented on the west side with angular buttresses, and square ones on the east. Between these, on each side, are four small niches, above which the piers terminate with lofty pinnacles. The basement (otherwise solid) has two doorways to St. Cuthbert's shrine, in the second space from each end. Above is a series of open niches, five principal (octagonal) and four smaller (hexagonal). On the •west side, the front pillar of the niches was left out for displaying...
Page 3 - This mandate was no sooner conveyed to the KinR than it was obeyed. Alfred, upon whom Guthred was gradually becoming a dependent prince, confirmed the gift, and the two bestowed upon the Saint the other extensive privileges and immunities, which eventually converted the patrimony of St. Cuthbert into a County Palatine, and exalted its Bishops to the high estate of Temporal Princes.
Page 5 - This reverend aged Abby, advanced upon the shoulders of a mountainous atlas, is so envyroned again with hilles, that he that hath seen the situation of this city, hath seen the mapp of Sion, and may save a journey to the Holy Land.
Page 1 - Bede, ySC, xxxvii. up my bones from the grave, and taking them with you, sojourn where God shall provide, than that you should on any account consent to the iniquity of Schismatics and put your necks under their yoke.
Page 53 - Adjoining to the East side of the conduit door hung a bell ' to call the Monks at eleven o'clock, to come and wash before...
Page 40 - Cryers," which stood on the North Side of the Quire, were never played upon but when the four Doctors of the Church were read, viz., Augustine, Ambrose, Gregory, and Jerome...
Page 6 - ... 1099. — After a vacancy of four years, Ralph Flambard was appointed bishop of Durham. During the episcopate of this prelate, the work begun by his predecessor is said to have advanced rapidly or slowly according to the amount of altar offerings and burial fees received by the sacrist. St. Cuthbert was the magnet of attraction ; and we could enumerate instances of men divesting themselves of no small portion of their worldly substance, for the privilege of being buried near his incorruptible...
Page 48 - In 1799, the building was voted to be too large, and doomed to destruction, for no other purpose than to make a comfortable room. Accordingly, a man was suspended by tackle above the groining, and knocked out the keystones, when the whole fell and crushed the paved floor, rich with grave -stones and brasses of the bishops and priors, not one of the inscriptions of which had been copied or preserved in any form.
Page 2 - Eadred dreamed another dream, attended with still more advantageous consequences to his Church. * Tell the King (said St. Cuthbert to him, in a vision by night,) to give to me and those who minister in my church, the whole of the land between the Wear and the Tyne, for a perpetual possession. Command him, moreover, to make my Church a place of refuge for fugitives, that every one, for whatever 440 REVIEW. — Raine's Saint Cuthberl. [Nov. reason he may flee to my body, may enjoy Inviolable protection...

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