Arithmetick both in the theory and practice: made plain and easie in all the common & useful rules, both in whole numbers, & fractions, vulgar & decimal ...

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D. Midwinter, 1716 - Arithmetic - 88 pages
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Page 369 - ... pay 3 crowns, and every maid 2. Now, if there had been as many young men as there were maids, obferving the fame conditions, the reckoning would have come to 4 crowns lefs than it did: how many young men and rnaids were there-? 47. A general who had fought a battle, upon reviewing his army, whofe foot was thrice the number...
Page 230 - What length of cord will fit to tie to a cow's tail, the other end fixed in the ground, to let her have liberty of eating an acre of grass, and no more, supposing the cow and tail to be 5 yards and a half ? Ans.
Page 365 - Цоте are 140 Miles : A Traveller fets out at the fame time from each of the two Cities, one goes 8 Miles a Day, the other 6. In how many Days from their firft fetting out will they meet one another, and how many Miles did each of them go ? ... 14.
Page 235 - If the solid content of a globe is 10648, what is the side of a cube of equal solidity? Ans. 22. The side of the cube being given, to find the side of that cube, that shall be doubk, treble, cfc.
Page 366 - End ? 30. A Labourer after 40 Weeks, in which he had been at work, lays up 28 Crowns — the Pay of three Weeks and finds that he had expended 36 Crowns-J-tne Pay of eleven Weeks : What Pay did he receive a Week ? 31.
Page 96 - Hence, if either of these equal products be divided by one of the mean terms the quotient will be the other.
Page 377 - ... a mile to every day's journey : in what time will they meet with one another ? 92. Again, two travellers fet out at the fame time from two cities, the one from A, and the other from B, which are 120 miles...
Page 370 - Three merchants, from three different fairs, meet together at an inn, where they reckon up their gains, and find them the fum of 780 crowns. Moreover, if you add the gain of the firft and...
Page 173 - Rule. Multiply the decimal given by the number of parts of the next inferior denomination, cutting off the decimals from the product; then multiply the remainder by the next inferior denomination ; thus proceeding till you have brought the least known parts of the integer.
Page 314 - Put for the Logarithm of i , a Cypher for the Index, and a competent Number of Cyphers for the Logarithm, according to the Number of Places you would have your Logarithms confift of ; for 10 an Unit, with the fame Number of Cyphers; for ioc, 2, with as many Cyphers ; for 1000, 3, with as many Cyphers, &c.

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