Arithmetick, in the plainest and most concise methods hitherto extant: With new improvements for dispatch of business in all the several rules. As also fractions, vulgar and decimal, wrought together after a new method, that renders both easy to be understood in their nature and use ...

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Printed for A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch, 1734 - Mathematics - 312 pages
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Page 162 - Tare is an allowance made by the seller to the buyer for the weight of the case, cask...
Page 275 - DECIMAL FRACTIONS. A Decimal Fraction is a fraction whose denominator is 1, with as many cyphers annexed as there are places in the numerator, and is usually expressed by writing the numerator only with a point prefixed to it : thus TO> rV´╗ V´´2ffV> are decimal fractions, and are expressed by .5, .75, .625.
Page 231 - Divide by 4, and multiply the quotient by 3. 215* Hence, to multiply a whole number by a fraction. Divide the multiplicand by the denominator, and multiply the quotient by the numerator. Or, multiply the given number by the numerator, and divide the product by the denominator. Obs. 1. When the given number cannot be divided by the denominator without a remainder, the latter method is generally preferred. 2. Since the product of any two numbers is the same, whichever is taken for the multiplier, (Art...
Page 89 - Quotient, or anfvver to the queftion, which fliews how often the divifor is contained in the dividend. 4. The Remainder (which is always lefs than the divifor, and of the fame name with the dividend) is very uncertain, as there is fometimes a remainder, and fometimes none.
Page 222 - ... yards, etc. When the quantity is 60 yards, etc. When the quantity is 180. When the price of one hundredweight is of several denominations, and the quantity likewise. When the price is at any of the rates in the second Practice-Table of aliquot parts. When the price is any even number of shillings, if it be required to know what quantity of any thing may be bought for so much money. To find the discount of any invoice, of bill of parcels, at any rate per cent. To find the value of goods sold by...
Page 290 - Fra▀ions to be added have a common Denominator, then add all the Numerators together for a Numerator ; and place it over the common Denominator.
Page 201 - If a man performs a journey in 6 days, when the day is 8 hours long; in what time will he do it, when the day is 12 hours long ? Anfw.
Page 276 - The order of places in whole numbers is from the right hand to the left ; but in decimals it is from the left hand to the right. So in this decimal ,456, the figure 4...

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