Army Mental Tests

Front Cover
Clarence Stone Yoakum, Robert Mearns Yerkes
H. Holt, 1920 - Educational tests and measurements - 303 pages

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Page 64 - If the two words of a pair mean the same or nearly the same, draw a line under same. If they mean the opposite or nearly the opposite, draw a line under opposite.
Page 64 - go," take these sentences one at a time. Think what each would say if the words were straightened out, but don't write them yourself. Then, if what it would say is true, draw a line under the word "true"; if what it would say is false, draw a line under the word "false.
Page 56 - Go' (but not before) make a cross in the first circle and also a figure 1 in the third circle. — GO!" (Allow not over 5 seconds.) 2. "Attention! Look at 2, where the circles have numbers in them. When I say 'Go' draw a line from circle 1 to circle 4 that will pass above circle 2 and below circle 3.
Page 32 - poorest" privates. Of the "poorest," 57.5 per cent, graded D or D — ; less than 3 per cent, graded A or B. The results suggest that intelligence is likely to prove the most important single factor in determining a man's value to the military service. In one training camp excellent opportunity was offered to compare a group of soldiers selected on the basis of low military value with a complete draft quota. In the "low value" group there were 147 men, in the complete draft quota 12,341 men.
Page 62 - Go!" (Allow not over 15 seconds.) 11. "Attention! Look at 11. When I say 'go' draw a line through every odd number that is not in a square, and also through every odd number that is in a square with a letter. — Go!" (Allow not over 25 seconds.) 12. "Attention! Look at 12. If 4 is more than 2, then (when I say 'go...
Page 276 - ... sense. Below are sixteen questions. Three answers are given to each question. You are to look at the answers carefully; then make a cross in the square before the best answer to each question, as in the sample: "Why do we use stoves? Because they look well X they keep us warm they are black.
Page xiii - ... as for example, to military training schools, colleges or technical schools ; (6) the provision of data for the formation of special training groups within the regiment or battery in order that each man may receive instruction suited to his ability to learn; (7) the early discovery and recommendation for elimination of men whose intelligence is so inferior that they cannot be used to advantage in any line of military service.
Page 63 - Samples: (1) How many are 5 men and 10 men? — Answer (15). (2) If you walk 4 miles an hour for 3 hours, how far do you walk? — Answer (12). (1) How many are 30 men and 7 men?
Page 33 - low value" group would have been reduced by at least half. In a certain training camp 221 inapt soldiers, belonging to a negro regiment of Pioneer Infantry, were referred by their commanding officer for special psychological examination. Nearly one-half (109) of these men were found to have mental ages of seven years or less. The army nevertheless had been attempting to train these men for military service. In justice to the Psychological Service it should be stated that these negroes had been transferred...
Page 158 - In each of the lines below, the first two words are related to each other in some way. What you are to do in each line is to see what the relation is between the first two words, and underline the word in heavy type that is related in the same way to the third word. Begin with No. 1 and mark as many sets as you can before time is called.

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