Army of the Dead

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Drac Von Stoller, Dec 7, 2011 - Fiction - 4 pages
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  Just a mile down the old dirt road beyond the Clanton Plantation was a Civil War battlefield that claimed the lives of thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers.   For months you could hear the cannon fire that echoed across the valley. Even the soldier’s moans and groans from the heavy gunfire could also be heard throughout the valley.   The Confederate soldiers held their own for a while but the Union soldiers were better trained and well equipped to outlast the Confederates which lead to their surrender to the Union army after three months and five days. So many young soldiers barely eighteen years of age were taken from this world just before they would have the chance to reach their manhood and experience love and raise their own children to teach their children about life. The state made sure the battlefield was preserved to bring in extra income for the state but for some reason the next generation of Clanton's that lived in the Clanton plantation did not keep up the plantation and was forced to auction the plantation and the hundred acres along with it. The Knoll family happened to be passing by the Clanton plantation and decided to stop their car and check out the auction at the Clanton plantation.  Mr. Knoll was a wealthy banker who was looking for a good investment and the Clanton plantation was just what he and his wife needed. Mr. Knoll wasn't too worried about the condition of the plantation because he had the money and the resources to make it look new again.  Since the condition of the plantation was too run down, the state decided auctioning it off would be better for the state than to try to pump in a million dollars to restore it and take the chance of losing money.  Mr. Knoll was able to purchase the Clanton plantation and one hundred acres of land for a mere $500,000.00. This really excited Mr. Knoll and his wife because they always wanted to live on a plantation with a lot of land and since they were both Civil War buffs and there is a famous battlefield just a mile down the road, what a perfect match. 

"Darling I can't wait to start decorating the plantation. I think I'll go into town and go through the archives during the Civil War period and go to the antique stores in town and keep the look of the plantation as though time had stopped said Mrs. Knoll.”  "That sounds like a good idea. While you’re in town I'm going to finish up the paper work here and then take a stroll through the battlefield.  As soon as morning arrives I'll try to get other Civil War buffs to get together and hold a reenactment on the battlefield to bring in more money for the town said Mr. Knoll.” Mrs. Knoll didn't realize that fixing up the plantation would really be a bad idea since whenever anyone does renovations to an old home if there are ghosts present this angers them and sometimes there are fatal consequences by doing this.  As for Mr. Knoll having reenactments on a battlefield where thousands of Civil War soldiers lost their lives is a bad idea as well. The reenactment will only summon up an army of the dead that will have grave consequences for the living.  Mrs. Knoll's decorating of the Clanton plantation was going as planned until she had one of the walls knocked down to have a more open area for her guests.  Knocking down the wall just angered the ghosts and that's when all hell broke loose. Doors started opening and closing on their own, lights would flicker on and off on their own, pots and pans would fly across the kitchen. Also, if someone was in a room a figure would pass by the doorway and when someone would call out to the figure they would get no response. As soon as the reenactments started at the battlefield the actors soon came face to face with Union and Confederate soldiers that had been dead for over one hundred years.

 The actors were unable to tell the living from the dead. Instead of only one hundred actors on the field there were thousands of Confederate and Union soldiers on the battlefield as real as the day the war began on that battlefield. 

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