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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Fiction - 588 pages
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Tender Heart is a contemporary lesbian romance novel. It is a fateful meeting of two tender women, a romance to soothe a painful past and a violent crime to test their love.

Dr. Megan Summers is a gifted neurosurgeon working in a trauma center in Austin, Texas. One fateful morning she exploded with anger and frustration at her colleague, Dr. Drake Darrow, while he was standing with his real estate agent, the breathtakingly beautiful, Rebecca Rhodes. Megan s fiery green eyes and emotional personality mesmerized Rebecca.

Megan was consumed with embarrassment for her volatile behavior as she sought out Drake and Rebecca to apologize. Drake sent Megan to a local caf where he knew she would find Rebecca. Their meeting was intense and electrifying as the passionate chemistry flowed between them.

As their relationship slowly unfolded, Megan paid a surprise visit to Rebecca in her beautifully remodeled office. She ran into a very strange, eerie client of Rebecca s by the name of Sam Abbott. Megan learned from Rebecca and her assistant, Kyle that Sam Abbott had been trying relentlessly to wine and dine Rebecca. Rebecca had turned him down a thousand times and felt he d finally got the message. Rebecca tried to reassure Megan that Abbott was harmless but definitely weird. Megan was not totally convinced.

A week into their relationship Megan and Rebecca shared a romantic lunch. Rebecca never returned to the office as Kyle expected and set off a horrific event of terror, gut wrenching fear and violence. Sam Abbott finally fulfilled his deranged wish of taking the one thing he felt belonged to him, Rebecca.

Tender Heart is a story that embraces the passion and sensitivity between women. It strikes the interest and compassion that people have to hear of others tragedies, personal struggles and triumphant. It displays the beauty of the human spirit and it s will to survive.

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