Arquitecturas GenÚticas III: Nuevas TÚcnicas Biolˇgicas Y Digitales, Volume 3

Copertina anteriore
Alberto T. EstÚvez
ESARQ, 2009 - 204 pagine

Genetic Architectures III / Arquitecturas G neticas III advances from its predecessors GAI of 2003 and GAII of 2005, presenting investigative theory, production, and hybridized design from experimental architecture, biology, computation, and art history. The book features contributions from Spanish, Catalan, French, British, and American specialists in architecture, science, and philosophy: Alberto T. Est vez, Josep Corc , Dennis Dollens, Bernard Cache, Michael Hensel, Neil Leach, Agust Fontarnau, and Judith Urbano. Their works and words are set in a framework of illustrated projects developed in the Genetic Architectures and BioDigital master program at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona.

The experimental research in GAIII is algorithmically generative, scripted, and parametric, stemming from collaborations between design, science, and nature--specifically between biology and architecture. Projects, illustrated with full-scale examples, are modeled and/or fabricated with CNC and rapid prototyping technologies. While some of the works and discussions are speculative and hypothetical, others focus on morphological and anatomical structural transformations fully realizable today; still others incorporate advanced visualization and techniques from science and nature that lend themselves to extrapolation for today's design studios and classrooms.

Unthinkable only a few years ago, biologically living buildings or parts of buildings collaborating with sensor networks and actuator/robotic controls are the stuff of advanced experimentation and building research taking place at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya's Barcelona campus' Genetic Architectures and BioDigital master programs.

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