Art in Chemistry, Chemistry in Art

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Teacher Ideas Press, 2008 - 391 pagini

Integrate chemistry and art with hands-on activities and fascinating demonstrations that enable students to see and understand how the science of chemistry is involved in the creation of art. Investigate such topics as color integrated with electromagnetic radiation, atoms, and ions; paints integrated with classes of matter, specifically solutions; three-dimensional works of art integrated with organic chemistry; photography integrated with chemical equilibrium; art forgeries integrated with qualitative analysis; and more. This is a complete and sequential introduction to General Chemistry and Introductory Art topics. In this newly revised edition, the author, a retired Chemistry teacher, gives extensive and in-depth new explanations for the experiments and demonstrations, as well as expanded safety instructions to insure student safety. Grades 7-12.

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BARBARA R. GREENBERG is an intellectual property attorney and retired chemistry teacher from Hinsdale, Illinois.

DIANNE PATTERSON is a retired art teacher from Elmhurst, Illinois.

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