Artificial fireworks: improved to the modern practice, from the minutest to the highest branches

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J. Millan, 1776 - Technology & Engineering - 193 pages
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Page 16 - ... it in a lawn sieve that has a receiver and top to it; and that which does not pass through the sieve, return .again to the table, and grind it till you have brought it all fine enough to go through the sieve. Brimstone and charcoal are ground in the same manner...
Page 70 - In the top of a rocket fix a piece of wood, in which drive a small iron spindle ; then make a hole in the middle of the small case, through which put the spindle : then fix on the top of it a nut, to keep the case from falling off ; when this is done, the case will turn very fast, without the rocket : but this method does not answer so well as either of the former.
Page 73 - The rockets being thus fixed, carry a quick-match, without a pipe, from the mouth of one rocket to the other ; this match being lighted will give fire to all at once. Though the directions already given may be sufficient for these rockets, we shall here add an improvement on a very essential part of this device, which is, that of hanging the rockets to be fired ; for before the following method was contrived, many attempts proved unsuccessful.
Page 98 - ... you may also make many changes of fire by this method. Let the hole in the nave of the wheel be lined with brass, and made to turn on a smooth iron spindle. On the end of this spindle let there be a nut, to screw off and on ; when you have put the wheel on the spindle, screw on the nut, which will keep the wheel from flying off. Let the- mouth of the first case be a little raised. Vertical wheels are made from ten inches to three feet diameter, and the size of the cases must differ accordingly...
Page 66 - Having fixed on a plank two rows of wooden pegs, cut in the bottom of the plank a groove the whole length under each row of pegs; then, through the centre of each peg, bore a hole down to the groove at bottom, and on every peg fix and glue a pot...
Page 69 - When the rocket is fired, and arrived to its proper height, it will give fire to the case at top ; which will cause both rocket and stick to spin very fast in their return, and represent a worm of fire descending to the ground. There is another method of placing the small case, which is by letting the stick rise a little above the top of the rocket, and tying the...
Page 113 - ... liquor, and when dry it will be fit for use. When you paste this paper on any of your works, take care that the paste does not touch that part which is to burn. The method of using this paper is, by cutting it into slips, long enough to go once round the mouth of the serpent, cracker, &c.
Page 85 - ... case : these pieces of wood must be nailed in the middle of each face of the wheel, and fixed in an oblique direction, so that the fire from the cases may incline upwards : the wheel being thus prepared, tie in each groove a...
Page 111 - ... inches distance from each other: in these holes put illuminations filled with white, blue, or brilliant charge. Having fixed in the port-fires, clothe them with leaders, so that the chandelier and crown may light together.
Page 84 - ... inch at each end dry, for joints : if they were oiled all over, when you come to join them, the paste would not stick where the paper is greasy : after the leaders are joined, and the paste dry, oil the joints.

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