Ascended: The Omega Nexus

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AuthorHouse, May 1, 2012 - Fiction - 424 pages
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In the late 1980s, the U.S. government commissioned a project to create the perfect soldier. A range of experiments was performed on a group of soldiers, including genetic reconstruction which was made possible by a serum created by Dr. Emanuel Brown. Despite the advancements made, the project was deemed a failure and the soldiers were discharged, much to the chagrin of its leader, General James S. Lassiter. The general and Dr. Brown continued their experiments, administering the trial serum to each other. After years of experimentation, Dr. Brown and General Lassiter would eventually part ways, both thinking that their efforts of perfecting the serum were fruitless. It wouldn't be until the birth of the general's son that the effects of the serum would be realized. The power of the serum had been passed down genetically from the original test subjects to their offspring, giving them super human abilities. The general realized that all of the offspring of those to whom the serum was administered would have superior traits as well. Realizing the potential of these children, the general gathered a group of renegade soldiers, who shared his views of hatred toward the government, and formed an organization known as STING. He hunted down and killed the soldiers of the original project and abducted their children. He took them to a hidden compound so he could raise and train them to be his superior army. Dr. Brown foresaw the evil of the general's ambitions. With the help of a small band of Ascended children he called the Omega Nexus, he organized an escape that would lead to the destruction of the STING compound and STING. Now, STING has reassembled for the sole purpose of recollecting the Ascended who are now extremely powerful adults scattered throughout the United States. Unbeknownst to STING, the Omega Nexus is waiting...

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About the author (2012)

The Omega Nexus was created by brothers, Roger and Jerry Reece as children, during the early 1980s. Soon after immigrating to the United States from Barbados, the boys found it difficult to adjust to their new surroundings. The long New York winters were very difficult for them, so the brothers would stay indoors to avoid the cold weather and watch TV, especially anything that related to action or superheroes. They soon realized that as much as they loved superheroes, there were very few at the time that looked like them or that they could look up to as black heroes. This dearth of heroes led them to create their own unique universe of superheroes. The characters they created were simple. Soon word of the new artists spread throughout their New Rochelle, New York, neighbor-hood. Kids of all ethnicities asked the brothers to create super heroes in their likeness. Of course, Jerry and Roger were happy to accommodate all requests and thus began their assimilation into American culture. The brothers continued to create additional storylines and characters during their high school years, as the creative process was a bond they both shared. Post-high school, the brothers took divergent career paths, but ended up working in the telecommunications industry for many years. Later, they decided to pursue a long-held dream of publishing their own superhero stories. They both returned to college each earning a degree in Liberal Arts. The socially aware brothers felt that there was still a significant lack of role models for young adults, especially African American youths. They decided to revisit the characters they created in the past, update them and share them with the world. Ascended: The Omega Nexus, is the first novel in the Ascended franchise. The Reece brothers plan to release other entertaining titles that feature innovative, thought-provoking themes.

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