Asia's New Crisis: Renewal Through Total Ethical Management

Wiley, 2004 - 345 sider
This book is a timely and much-needed attempt to provide a new, unique, and non-condescending framework for recreating an ethical dimension to Asian business. This should be required reading for all Asian business school students in the hope that history will not repeat itself? - Ho Kwong Ping, Chairman, Wah Chang International Corporation Pte Ltd

Everyone has something worthwhile to say about ethics. The difficulty is that words are not deeds. And words are rarely converted into action unless they are proselytized with zeal, carried with passion, sustained by conviction and fortified by faith. This groundbreaking work skillfully edited by Frank-Jürgen Richter and Pamela C.M. Mar provides compelling motivation to live a life that is formed by truth and gripped by integrity. - Dr. Y.Y. Wong, Founder and Chairman, The Wyuy Capital Group

This is a timely volume. Its broad sweep reveals an entire region coping with an ethical void, one which has deepened since the Asian financial crisis. What sets this book apart is its vision for the way forward. The book brings together highly respected thinkers and public figures from throughout the region, energizing the discussion on the role of ethics in society and providing a sound basis for a new consensus. - David KP Li, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Bank of East Asia Ltd

A stunning array of contributors only the World Economic Forum could pull together. Their case is powerful: without TEM (Total Ethics Management), you cannot grow. The time has now come to shift your attention from TQM (Total Quality Management) to TEM to tame Corporation. - Tomohiko Taniguchi, Editor-at-Large, Nikkei Business Publications

This book could not be more timely. At a moment when public trust in the marketplace is near an all-time low, the authors' work offers powerful insights into how the Asian social contract can be strengthened and renewed, drawing on the intellectual and philosophical traditions of the region itself. It is essential reading for anyone who is concerned about Asia's future direction. - William J. Dobson, Asia Editor, Newsweek International

An enlightening compass for all leaders who carry the promising Asian future on their shoulders. - Yoshiyuki Fujisawa, Chairman, Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co. Ltd

This excellent book, I hope, will serve as a timely reminder that if Asia wants to be competitive and claim for itself a place in the mainstream of international business, it will need to make a conscious decision to put ethical governance in the driving seat. - Tunku Abdul Aziz, President, Transparency International Malaysia

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Om forfatteren (2004)

Frank-Jürgenn Richter is Director of the World Economic Forum, in charge of Asian affairs. He lived, studied and worked in Asia for almost a decade, in Tokyo and most recently in Beijing where he developed and managed European multinationals' China operations. An active scholar, he has authored and edited several books on Asian economies and international business.

Pamela C.M. Mar is Associate Director, China, for the World Economic Forum. She has worked for a satellite television company in Asia, in rural developments in Thailand, and in venture capital in Hong Kong. She holds degrees from Yale and London School of Economics and has published articles in academic and general interest journals

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