Assaying: In Three Parts ...

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Dewey & Company, 1900 - Assaying

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Page 87 - In a book of this size it is not possible to give...
Page 88 - Open the twice-folded paper so that it shall form a cone having one thickness on one side and three on the other. Place the cone in a funnel ; hold it with the thumb inside and the fingers outside of the funnel, and wet the paper by a jet from the wash bottle. The filter should fit closely to the funnel all over except at the point, but especially at the rim, which should be air-tighf.
Page 54 - ... flask to remove the liquid, which, without this precaution, would remain there; the mark cd is then raised to the level of the eye, and, by a suitable pressure of the forefinger on the upper orifice, which may be obtained by giving the pipette a slight alternating circular movement between the fingers, the solution is allowed to run out gradually.
Page 54 - It is here necessary to remark that in order to regulate the slow and regular runnings of the liquid from the pipette, by the pressure of the forefinger, the latter ought to be neither too moist 'nor too dry; if too...
Page 52 - The mark ab is held on a level with the eye and the surface of the solution allowed to descend until it forms a tangent with the plane ab.

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