Assessment of Operations and Management of Opportunities Industrialization Centers [as Administered by The] Department of Labor, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare [and] Office of Economic Opportunity

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Page 58 - As they develop their own plans, the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare and the Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity should also determine the most effective means of coordinating all our domestic family planning programs and should include in their deliberations representatives of the other agencies that share in this important work.
Page 1 - Most of these activities are administered by the Department of Labor, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and the Office of Economic Opportunity.
Page 5 - The regulations in this part govern the administration of part B of title II of the Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962, as amended (42 USC...
Page 5 - ... apparent during the most recent year. A stable and growing economy remains in serious jeopardy until these maladjustments are greatly reduced through improved income distribution. Main approaches to the reduction of poverty The aspect of the current "war against poverty" which centers in the program of the Office of Economic Opportunity under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 is of tremendous significance. This program reflects the dedication of the President and the Congress to this war....
Page 64 - ... predicated upon additional opportunities and responsibilities placed upon this voluntary citizen's committee by the Congress last year in the passage of the Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments of 1954, now know as Public Law 565. Section 8 of this legislation instructed me as Chairman to meet with the Secretaries of Labor and of Health, Education, and Welfare and to work out mutually agreed-upon plans for opening up more job opportunities for the additional thousands expected to be rehabilitated...
Page 5 - ... did not substantially improve trainee employability and for their failure to emphasize high school equivalency curricula." Opportunities Industrialization Centers Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OIC) are somewhat unique among federally supported manpower training programs in that they were started by a group of private citizens without Federal funding. The first center, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was developed by a group of ministers with funds from the community and from a philanthropic...
Page 12 - HEW by the Bureau of Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education of the Office of Education.
Page 87 - Department would be pleased to join with the Department of Labor and the Office of Economic Opportunity to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan as recommended.
Page 32 - For a participant to derive sufficient benefits to enable him to become self-sufficient, active participation in, and completion of, the training program is highly desirable if not essential.
Page 31 - OICs adequately evaluated the reasons for early terminations and absenteeism, to ascertain whether they could be alleviated through additional services, modification of program content, or such other means as might have been indicated.

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