AstrologÍa Kabbalística: Y el Significado de Nuestras Vidas

Kabbalah Publishing, 2005 - 227 páginas
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According to Kabbalah, everyone has the power to fashion their own destiny, but activating and using that power requires genuine understanding of self, goals, and purpose. Providing readers with that wisdom is the purpose of La Astrolog a Cabal stica. More than a book of horoscopes, this is a practical guide for those who wish to grasp their truest nature -- and put that knowledge to immediate use in the real world.

Using clear, simple language, Rav Berg shows how the probing of planets and stars is a true science that can lead to self-realization. As the author explains, conventional astrology insists that every action is determined by the heavens, while the Kabbalah teaches that everyone is born at the precise instant best suited to their special needs. Based on the concept that there are many possible futures for everyone, La Astrolog a Cabal stica authoritatively brings an ancient tradition of wisdom to modern seekers.

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