Athina: The Dark Side of Victory

Front Cover, 2008 - Fiction - 412 pages
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WHY SHOULD WOMEN AND GIRLS WORSHIP A MALE GOD-the mythic father-god creator or any of his surrogates (son-god, new son-god, messenger-of god)? When is a female a piece of property? This book is the first in a series of historical novels (part facts, part fiction) dealing with these and other metaphysical and social issues that have confronted the world since the dawn of time: How can the earth's wealth be best redistributed? What should gender equity entail in a true democracy? What's the difference between true democracy and lobbyistocracy? If women are "not beyond the whip and being put six-feet under,"aren't the shocking responses of the dreaded Mid-Night Widows justifiable? WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK? Everyone, especially girls and women ages 12-112, politicians, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Pagans, philosophers, feminists, anti-feminists, athletes.... Be prepared to be challenged, outraged, stimulated, vindicated, elated, entertained; be prepared to think, laugh, cry ....

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