Atlantic Reporter, Τόμος 4

West Publishing Company, 1886

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Δημοφιλή αποσπάσματα

Σελίδα 119 - This statute is in derogation of the common law, therefore it is not to be extended by implication or construction. "As a rule of exposition, statutes are to be construed in reference to the principles of the common law ; for it is not to be presumed that the legislature intended to make any innovation upon the common -law, further than the case absolutely required.
Σελίδα 501 - Probable cause" has been defined as a reasonable ground of suspicion supported by circumstances sufficiently strong in themselves to warrant a cautious man in the belief that the person accused is guilty of the offense with which he is charged.
Σελίδα 616 - Property shall be assessed for taxes under general laws, and by uniform rules, according to its true value.
Σελίδα 51 - To constitute fellow-servants the employees need not be at the same time engaged in the same particular work. It is sufficient if they are in the employment of the same master, engaged in the same common work, and performing duties and services for the same general purpose.
Σελίδα 651 - The only general rule that can be laid down upon the subject is, that the circumstances must be such as would lead the guarded discretion of a reasonable and just man to the conclusion...
Σελίδα 91 - The rule is that defaults by one party in making particular payments or deliveries will not release the other party from his duty to make the other deliveries or payments stipulated in the contract, unless the conduct of the party in default be such as to evince an intention to abandon the contract, or a design no longer to be bound by its terms.
Σελίδα 151 - ... the General Assembly may, by general laws, exempt from taxation public property used for public purposes, actual places of religious worship, places of burial not used or held for private or corporate profit, and institutions of purely public charity.
Σελίδα 588 - ... some more limited portion of the community, and those laws provide for a mode of confirming or contesting the charge thus imposed, in the ordinary courts of justice, with such notice to the person, or such...
Σελίδα 8 - Whether the defendant was guilty of negligence or not was for the jury to determine from all the facts and circumstances in evidence.
Σελίδα 286 - ... but, in the view we have taken of the case, it is not necessary to decide that question at the present time.

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