Atlantis: From Legend to Discovery

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Sphere Books, 1973 - Atlantis - 159 pages

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A. E. van Vogt Abul Wafa airships Alexander Marshack Alexandrian Library America ancient Egypt ancient Egyptians ancient Greek animals antiquity archaeologists Asia astronomical Atlantean Atlantic Ocean Atlantis Azilian Azores Aztecs Baalbek Babylon Babylonian Basques Berosus Bimini Brahmins Brian Aldiss Brucheum cataclysm Central America century China Chinese Christopher Columbus Chu Yuan civilization conquistadores contains cosmic cosmic rays culture Deimos deluge Democritus Diego de Landa Diogenes Laertius disc discovered discovery Don Pendleton dynasty earth Egypt Egyptian Epic of Gilgamesh epoch Eratosthenes existence feet Flood folklore foraminifera Frederick Soddy geological gods Greek Guatemala Gulf Stream Harry Harrison Heinrich Schliemann Helena Blavatsky Hermitage Museum Herodotus Himalayas However Hsi Wang Mu human Ice Age Incas India Indians Isaac Asimov island J. B. Priestley John Tunstall Kanchenjunga Karakoram Khufu Khufu Pyramid Krakatoa Lake Titicaca land legends Magdalenian Manetho mankind Mayan calendar Mayas megalithic meteorites Mexico millimetres moon Mount Kailas Mount Shasta mountains Museum mysterious myth Nicholas Roerich Oannes ocean Papyrus Peru Piri Reis map planet Plato Popol Vuh prehistoric priests Professor pyramids Quechua Quetzalcoatl race records riddle rock rock paintings Roerich Samuel Delany scientific scientists secret Shambhala Solon South America space speak Sphinx stone story Strabo strange Sumer Surya Siddhanta tales Taoist temple Thoth thousand Tiahuanaco Tibet tion Toltec toxodons tradition treasures tutankhamun vaults vernal equinox vimana Viracocha Voynich manuscript Wandjina writes wrote Zodiac

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