Atlas des organes de l'audition et de l'équilibration: Guide pratique pour l'oto-rhino-laryngologiste

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世界图书出版公司, 1999 - Medical - 58 pages
In order to show the position the organs of hearing and balance as accurately as possible, the author fenestrated the bony walls of the cochlea, vestibule and semicircular canals so that the different parts of Corti's spiral organ, the utricle and ampullary crests can be seen. Sections of the vestibule reveal the various internal orifices through which elements of the membranous labyrinth, such as the semicircular ducts, are conveyed. Both the endolymphatic system and the perilymphatic spaces are depicted. Illustrations are correlated to anatomical sections, CT and MRI views. Designed to be original and educational, this atlas will reduce the long hours of tedious study and make the anatomy of the ear easier to master. Its publication is all the more timely, in that these organs are now beginning to be visualized by modern imaging techniques. A precious guide for otolaryngologists, neurologists, anatomists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, general practitionners, and medical students.

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