Atoms and Energies

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Page 157 - • when the atoms are not in contact we have the gaseous state, when but a single point of contact the liquid state, when so many points of contact there is rigidity the solid state, when face to face contact chemical combination.
Page 95 - Author claims that all atoms are "identical in essence and [vary] only as to their size qnrt shape;" an atom being "an Impenetrable Expanse of the Ability to Modify and be Moved by Energy.
Page 173 - The very laws of atomic motion which we use to explain vibration, expansion and other heat phenomena, are themselves the resultant of expansive energy, and those laws and motions could not exist without the very expansive energy which they are intended to explain. The expansive tendency is a more fundamental fact than the vibrations or the laws which we conceive as governing atomic movements.
Page 201 - It was shown that variety in the size and shape of the atoms must produce just such variety in the readiness for combination as we see, and all the different types and degrees of variety seen in actual nature could and must be thus produced.
Page 202 - All physical and chemical laws are merely the statement of the essential character of the two entities, Expansive and Attractive Energy.
Page 19 - All atoms are identical in essence; they are influenced by two simple energies, gravitation or attraction, and heat or expansion ; "both are distinct entities articulated to, but not a quality or attribute of, atoms.
Page 202 - Indeed the nearer we get to fundamental truth the simpler we will always find that truth to be. THIS BOOK IS DTTE ON THE LAST DATE STAMPED BELOW AN INITIAL FINE OF 25 CENTS WILL.
Page 186 - Ether, which science has thought itself compelled to invent for this very circumstance, and which has no other objective evidence, besides being in its own character in various ways a logical contradiction, — without such an ether we are compelled to admit that this heat energy exists entirely apart from all atoms in absolute space.
Page 21 - Immediate transition from liquid to gas. Latent Heat. Expansion of water by freezing, etc., etc.
Page 114 - ... very nearly inversely as the square of the distance between the atoms.

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