Attributes Of A Working Faith

AuthorHouse, 2004年8月19日 - 380 頁
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Like a coat of many colors, faith in the life of a believer is a tree of many works. When God deposits a measure of His faith in the heart of a believer, it is meant to germinate, spring up to life and produce works worthy of acceptance to Him; those works that others will see, pluck and be enriched. And until that happens, the purpose is defeated. A lot has been said about faith. But none has discussed in this magnitude how many such works can be plucked from the tree of faith. That is what this book has successfully done. In ATTRIBUTES OF A WORKING FAITH, you will learn like never before how much your faith can accomplish for you if properly utilized the way God would have you do. Using the letters of the alphabet (save X) to identify eighty-eight works of faith, ATTRIBUTES OF A WORKING FAITH will enlighten you about the works you have never known and resurrect every dead work of faith in your life. As you flip through each page, may your faith be renewed and challenged in Jesus' name.

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