Audle Allison the Great American Swami: The Life and Teachings of a True Master of Consciousness

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Balboa Press, 2013 - Biography & Autobiography - 448 pages
Turn the page, this begins a spellbinding journey of Audle Allison through his luminous life, fully transforming into an enlightened man—God man! His seventy years of difficult transformation and crystallizing pain also reveals the joy and humor of becoming more of the true self. Audle, born in Missouri during the First World War, suffers from multiple health issues with amazing results. Nevertheless, his mother Effie dies of influenza before Audle fully recovers. Audle’s father, Oscar, is a workaholic, expressing a wealthy mentality. However, he loses everything in the Depression Era when the banks fail. After the family moves from their mansion to the poor side of town, Audle faces the hardships of poverty, family disagreements, and the cruelty of teenage gang fighters—yet inspires himself to get tough with body-building and sports. Finally, he achieves the status of athletic hero, war veteran, and successful businessman. However, a midlife crisis brings him to his knees, asking, “What is life all about, and why am I here?” He is desperate for answers, which attract his teachers and gurus, who open his mind to a direct experience into God consciousness. Audle crystallizes his pain into wisdom as he propels his consciousness beyond the human veil. With mastery comes the amazing realization that to serve the divine self is the first priority. As a result, he realizes the Great Laws of the Universe and wants to share this philosophy. He begins his spiritual job by teaching meditation in Oklahoma City—a mystic in the Bible Belt. God has a sense of humor. The results of his teaching are astounding: emotional people smi≤ hippies get a job; happiness resolves depression; atheists find God; alcoholics transform their lives; hundreds of people find incredible peace in meditation. A new consciousness is born to humanity. Follow me.

About the author (2013)

E. Veronica Elam studied with guru Audle Allison and has followed his teachings for twenty-eight years as of this date. She achieved the class level of Great Supreme God Consciousness, including the Swami techniques. Over the years, Ms. Elam kept a record of his teachings along with a daily journal of her life lessons. She has organized the Library Project including the Audle Allison Achieves in 2002 to share with the various groups that currently teach the masters philosophy. It is estimated to have shared over 3000 library items, such as lectures, tapes, CD’s, Mp3’s, photos, historical papers, and memorabilia. In addition, she was the only student at the hospital at the time of Audle’s passing and witnessed first hand the last chapter to his biography. In 1999, she began her own classes to the public to share Audle’s meditation philosophy. Currently she teaches meditation in Oklahoma City and has internet classes for those students that live out of town.

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