Auscultation and Percussion: Together with the Other Methods of Physical Examination of the Chest

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Smith, Elder, 1893 - Auscultation - 327 pages
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Page 1 - When a man hath so often observed like antecedents to be followed by like consequents, that whensoever he seeth the antecedent, he looketh again for the consequent, or when he seeth the consequent, maketh account there hath been the like antecedent, then he calleth both the antecedent and the consequent signs of one another.
Page 302 - Place the patient in the erect position, and direct him to close his mouth and elevate his chin to the fullest extent, then grasp the cricoid cartilage between the finger and thumb, and use gentle upward pressure on it, when, if dilatation or aneurysm exist, the pulsation of the aorta will be distinctly felt transmitted through the trachea to the hand.
Page 27 - ... unilateral enlargement, thrusts the heart into the unaffected side. Add this consideration, too, that the walls of the healthy side must follow the anteroposterior projection of the diseased side: and then it will be plain why, as a matter of fact, the perimeter of the expanded side often measures very little more, nay even less, than that of the side which is not diseased.
Page 114 - The sounds, which naturally accompany the movements of the healthy heart, can only be learnt by the practice of listening to them. It is useless to describe them. They are simple perceptions of sense, which no words can make plainer than they are, when the ear has once become familiar with them. It is the same with all common sounds. By describing them you seek to make them known in a different way from that in which they are naturally known.
Page 27 - ... that considerable increase in the sectional area of the chest may occur, and the length of the periphery remain the same by the passage of the elliptical form into the circular, and next, that the displacement of the mediastinum, which accompa* Causes of epigastric pulsation in order of frequency :— 1st.
Page 28 - SIDE), ARTIFICIALLY PRODUCED BY INJECTING AIR INTO THE RIGHT PLEURAL CAVITY. Unbroken line: outline before injection. Broken line: outline after moderate distention.
Page 64 - Sonitus vel altior, vel profundior; vel clarior, vel obscurior, vel quandoque prope suffocatus deprehenditur." " 'The sound (ie, the percussion sound) is a tone, clear or muffled, even to complete privation.' This is the first and great distinction. And next, 'the tone is of a pitch higher or lower.' Upon these two hang. the whole theory and practice of percussion.
Page 58 - ... any peculiarities in these organs, but upon variations in the quantity, distribution, and tension of the air present in the regions in which they lie, and upon the force of the percussion stroke.
Page 140 - Des diverses méthodes d'exploration de la Poitrine, et de leur application au diagnostic de ses maladies.
Page 29 - Unilateral retraction of chest: consequent upon cirrhosis of left lung in a girl of fourteen.

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