Author Unknown, Author Undaunted

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 176 pages
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Do you question the spiritual direction of America, the violence in schools, shopping centers and churches? Do you have questions about your church and the doctrines being taught, or perhaps, the doctrines not being taught? Then you're not alone! There are millions who question the institution of religion.

ONE KINGDOM, ONE KING is a search for the church or the body that Jesus Christ said He would build. There are as many as 450 organized religions and denominations who claim to be the true church and who claim to be the path to heaven, but just who or what is the true church? What does its organization look like?

The issues of Sabbath changing to Sunday and the celebration of Christmas and Easter; doctrines of the trinity, immortality of the soul, and ever-burning hell; and the role of Israel both past and present are covered, plus others. Many of these subjects are misunderstood or just plain rejected by most denominations. There are many people, if challenged, who would respond if these subjects were explained in simple English. Many just simply have never been taught by their Pentecostal preachers. And other folks are being lied to by the 'professional' religious elite!

ONE KINGDOM, ONE KING is a very small investment for a wealth of knowledge--knowledge that Lucifer the devil doesn't want you to find out. What do you have to lose by taking time to read? An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Find out what the world of man's religion does not want you to learn. Connect what American religion is doing today to what the Holy Bible says and what is happening in America. The obvious will become apparent!

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