Autobiography of William H. Seward, from 1801 to 1834: With a Memoir of His Life, and Selections from His Letters from 1831 to 1846

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D. Appleton, 1877 - United States - 832 pages
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Page 820 - When the judge shall proceed to the last fatal ceremony, and demand what he has to say why the sentence of the law should not be pronounced upon him...
Page 528 - An act to prevent the citizens of New York, from carrying slaves out of the commonwealth, and to prevent the escape of persons charged with the commission of any crime.
Page 821 - Such a verdict can do no good to the living, and carry no joy to the dead. If your judgment shall be swayed at all by sympathies so wrong, although so natural, you will find the saddest hour of your life to be that in which you will look down upon the grave of your victim, and " mourn with compunctious sorrow " that you should have done so great injustice to the " poor handful of earth that will lie mouldering before you.
Page 489 - It includes the periods of four generations. In a single century four thousand millions of human beings appear on the earth, act their busy parts, and sink into its peaceful bosom.
Page 818 - Croesus, and should pour it all at my feet, I would not stand an hour between him and the avenger. But for the innocent, it is my right, my duty to speak. If this sea of blood was innocently shed, then it is my duty to stand beside him until his steps lose their hold upon the scaffold.
Page 791 - Our population is destined to roll its resistless waves to the icy barriers of the North, and to encounter oriental civilization on the shores of the Pacific.
Page 696 - The committee submitted resolutions for the expulsion of William J. Graves, Henry A. Wise and George W. Jones. Finally, after a long debate, the whole subject was laid on the table by a vote of one hundred and two to seventy-six, a vote of censure merely being passed. High as party feeling ran at the time, indignation and denunciation were by no means confined to one side in politics. "Never,
Page 150 - He never stooped to the arena of partisan discussions, but in the consideration of important subjects, especially that of the removal of the public deposits from the Bank of the United States, he proved himself to be a statesman of high rank, and a most accomplished debater.
Page 377 - ... must have anticipated every suggestion I could make in defence of my views when they differ from your own. I dismiss the interrogatory, therefore, with the simple negative I feel myself constrained to give. Your third question is : " Are you in favor of a repeal of the law which now authorizes the importation of slaves into this state, and their detention as such during a period of nine months ?" The provisions of our statute on the subject of slavery are as follows, viz.
Page 582 - Your parliament had done us no wrong. You had ever been friendly to the rights of mankind; and we acknowledge, with pleasure and gratitude, that your nation has produced patriots, who have nobly distinguished themselves in the cause of humanity and America.

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