Automobile Business: A Guide

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Automobile publishing Company, 1915 - Automobiles - 201 pages

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Page 33 - A man is known by the company he keeps,' and here is another — 'A man is known by the equipment he keeps.
Page 65 - Calling attention to a car helps to make the uninterested a prospect, but seldom does it make a purchaser. The prospect must be followed up. His interest must be aroused. This is the next step in the selling process and is most effectively accomplished by a personal call from the salesman. In cases where this is not possible, resort must be had to printed matter and correspondence.
Page 63 - The sensible part of it merely is an attempt to analyze and explain the processes which ordinarily take place in the prospect's mind from the time he notices your product to the time the sale is closed. The salesman who knows enough...
Page 189 - Every day should see some movement toward getting some amount of new business. That's the way to grow. Somewhere, some place, it is waiting for you. But it remains for you to reach out for it. And you should figure that every effort you make, even if it isn't productive immediately, is a move toward the future development of your business. And that is the important thing to remember. Little things done each day count up in the long run.
Page 64 - ... to say at the right time. "His remarks are timely and to the point, because he is keenly following the mental changes his prospect is experiencing, and is able to shape and direct the changes to his advantage by the right selling talk.
Page 64 - ... selling talk. He neither forces the sale too fast nor does he allow it to drag, but develops it intelligently and naturally. "Every customer who buys a motor car goes through certain mental...
Page 190 - And the more you think, the easier will you find it to plan for more business. The thinking man wins. He cannot help but win, because constant thinking helps one to reason clearly and correctly and by this method he arrives at a basis of action that will prove helpful to his business. Emerson said "Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.
Page 15 - Co. [1915.] 201 p. illus. 12. TON "The field is not overcrowded anywhere. The industry is still young and there is plenty of room for those who are willing to work." — p. 13. This little book of heart-to-heart advice tells briefly about the different phases of the business — opportunities, choice of territory, organization, selection of cars, salesmen, advertising, prices, garage operation, service, secondhand cars, commercial and electric cars, etc.
Page 157 - And do not be influenced in the slightest degree by what the secondhand owner says. He is the seller in this case, even if he is trying to make a trade deal, so it is well to discount most of the claims.
Page 190 - A little thinking will show you the way to new business. Try it today. One thought will lead to another and before you know it, ideas will be piling on each other so fast that you will have material aplenty to work with.

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