Automotive Technology: An Idiot's Profession

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iUniverse, Feb 26, 2009 - Biography & Autobiography
Back in the '80s, it was not trendy or sexy to be interested in something that required a lot of painstaking work, work which often resulted in cuts, bruises, filthy hands, filthy arms, and a filthy face. You can thank me, my two buddies from high school, and the rest of us buffoons that paved the way for all of the wonderful automotive nonsense that permeates every aspect of American society today. You're welcome!

"I had just passed the point of no return. Any time before that, I could have made the decision to trust others with my vehicles, and join the rest of the victims in facing whatever consequences arose from being 'mechanically ignorant.' But my fate lay upon a different path. Celestial forces beyond my control were shaping my destiny. I had made the decision, without realizing it, to become a full fledged, wrench turning, gear headed grease monkey. There was no turning back."

Automotive engineers have a philosophy: "If it works when it leaves the factory, it ain't my problem."

Remember this term: Fast Food Automotive!

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